copts do not hate muslims



  • I have many moderate Muslim friends and we share mutual respect. Also many Muslims are religiously sincere people and I respect them a lot for that.

    The problem comes from a small portion of Muslims who do spoil their fellows and manipulate them by flaming their hearts and minds with dangerous lies and radical prejudice against other people.

    We ask you to edit your first post and change your topic title to appear as a question because it is not a fact, for example: Do Copts really hate Muslims? or Do you think Copts hate Muslims?. TIA

  • i personally think that it is wrong to hate any body
    they are people whose eyes are just clouded by the devil all we can to is to forgive them for everything that they do because as Jesus did as he was on the cross he said " Father forgive them for they do not know what they do" we must do the same and we must also pray for them we must pray to God that He may open their eyes
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  • Yes your right. The title sounds like a statement rather than a question.
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  • There is a big misconception in Non Muslims and even some Muslims who misquote or misunderstand the verses in the Holy Quran exhorting to kill the unbelievers, some deliberately lie and spread hatred and rumor.

    Those verses were only for the time when Muslims had lived for 13 years without permission to even defend themselves when they were being killed, kicked and run out of their homes, and those verses were sent by Allah SWT to go and reclaim their homes and property and if the unbelievers fought them, to fight them back, but if they stopped to stop too, because Allah SWT does not like the transgressors. Do not exceed the limit said Allah SWT....and on and on, and many scholars know this on the Christian and Jewish side but its an easy way to misguide non Muslims against Muslims.

    Do your own research, don't believe me or anyone else, including your preachers, check it for yourself. Fear Allah SWT and do good, thank you
  • Rick,
    Do you really think that non-Muslims believe Islam only allows killing in self defense? Do you really think that what ISIS is doing to Copts and other Middle East nations is out of self defense? You come on a Christian site telling Christians not to listen "to your preachers" and you think you are will convince anyone that Islam has any credibility? If you're going to come on Christian sites, at least have the decency to not regurgitate Islamic propaganda and use a little more sophisticated logic, rhetoric and depth. 
  • Rick, you said "Those verses were only for the time". Could you provide a reference from the Quran as to where it says this. Because if it fails to state this clause then I don't see why all the commandments in the quran can't be applied by all believers in every generation.
  • I value your input in the discussion Rick. I am also out of my depths here with comments sometimes as they don't reflect my understanding of situations.
    I was asked if I would liked to become a monk a few years ago and I would of being sent to Egypt and studied. However, I chose to get married to a culture that is harder than mine and conflicts arose and suddenly I find myself arguing. Whereas, I had always being a listener all my life.
    In all that time, I know that I've fallen away spritually from the peak of when I first started, but it has always been about learning. What do we learn about Allah, ourselves, love, rules, and situations of insecurity.
    Forgive me in my lacking of knowledge of the the Koran, but I do know there is something called the hadiths. To me they are rules and as we are showen in our new testament, that Allah gave Moses rules to live life by but they only show us what we should be doing. Of which Isreal would always lose their way. This shows us that rules are insufficient to express our relationship with Allah.
    Jesus bought us a better understanding of the life we are to live. That is to love. He was asked which are the greatest commandments and He said to love God with all your heart and soul and to love your neighbour as yourself. Both are about love.

    Understanding people who hate you will see they are insecure and seek security and most they use their egos instead of the the words of Allah/God. It is their egos that search for the words that confirm hate in the Koran. When you mentioned those Muslims who hated you could see the situation as insecure. At those times wether Muslim or Christian there needs a voice who knows love and is secure.
    The problem with sinners is that satan has fooled them into thinking they have authority. Because satan uses the ego and that is why it thinks it's perfect. It strives for perfection in all situations. Allah /God is perfect, so on this He gives us love and mercy so we can learn how to love in all situations.
    Allah /God called Himself I Am for a purpose, that as we find out who He is we find out who we are in Him. The ego finds its own soul but those who obey the word of Allah/ God in love will learn to find their soul in Allah/God.

    My prayers for peace among all God willing.
  • I really hate the rap we have with Muslims. Once someone finds out that I'm Coptic, they start Islam-bashing as if I'm going to jump in.

    lol.. I love everyone, including muslims. There are muslims I get along with, some I hate; but whether a muslim likes it or not, I do not judge him according to his religion. I judge him according to what he has shown me by his or her character.

    Personally, I am no fan of Islam; but I have nothing against muslims and I would gladly employ any of them in a project or work without question if they are qualified. Having said that, without sounding disrespectful; If I employ someone, its not because they answered the religion question correctly in the checkbox; its because they can do the job; and so I don't expect them to pray 5 times on company time. That would annoy me.

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