British Orthodox Church returns to non-canonical status



  • The homeless person you meet in the street is Christ. Be conservative and treat everyone as Christ. 
  • @ShareTheLord

    Should I kiss the hand of the homeless person and call him "Saydena"?
  • I am not saying you must kiss his hands. I'm saying it doesn't matter. What matters is we keep Christ in our eyes and our inner most being, such that we look for Christ in anyone.

    John 13:14-17
    14 If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you. 16 Most assuredly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master; nor is he who is sent greater than he who sent him. 17 If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.

    Saint Augustine explanation:

    "The act itself elicits humility. (Augustine)
    This act is done literally by many when they receive one another in hospitality. . . . For it is unquestionably better that it should be done with the hands and that the Christian does not disdain to do what Christ did. For when the body is bent at the feet of a brother, the feeling of humility is made to rise in the heart, or, if it is already there, it is confirmed. But besides this moral meaning . . . is not a brother able to change a brother from the pollution of sin? . . . Let us confess our faults one to another, forgive one another’s faults and pray for one another’s faults. . . . In this way we shall wash one another’s feet. "

    Sure, the concept is not totally 100% the same, there is historical background to the passage, but nonetheless the message can still be drawn.
  • Rather than condemning the BOC, we could at least extend the same courtesy to them as the EO. The EO are under anathema because of heresy, yet we do not question their Orthodoxy. At least the BOC is not found guilty of heresy. It is of course easier to beat down a bishop and a couple of priests.
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    Why do we have to burden ourselves with the knowledge that will make it easier for us to judge/condemn others?!

    Why do we have to complicate decisions that our fathers (The Synod) have taken as they have the authority to do so, given to them from Jesus Christ Himself?!

    I think we know enough about the situation for us to go on with our why not just, "go one with it already"?!!!!
  • The EO are not under any anathema. The Holy Synod has confessed that they have the same faith that we have.
  • EO are under anathema since the 5th century. I didn't read any statement from the COC that the BOC are heretics.

    Seems you have personal conflicts with the BOC and therefore the negativity and obvious double standard. Shameful for a priest.
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    Kahan, you are rude and speaking from great ignorance. I can forgive both but it was such passive-aggressive attitudes that led me to leave Tasbeha in the first place and do not encourage me to stay, beyond this thread. You have the advantage over me in that you are able to post whatever you want from a position of anonymity.
  • @Kahan

    The difference is that the BOC are vagantes, while the EO are not.
  • I read something recently about the rescinding of anathemas. I think it was a website called (maybe)
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    Augustine is talking about showing love to others, no matter their religion.

    That is completely different from treating an uncanonical bishop as if he was a real bishop.
  • I find it sad what has resulted. I feel there is more and more insecurity in the world now than ever before.
  • Kahan

    Please apologize to Father Peter.
    I'm sure he knows what he needs to do with God's blessing and doesn't need to be second guessed.

    Mina is right in that it's not right for us to .judge.

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    The proper response at this time is prayer for the thankfully few people caught up in this, and the wider number of people who are now confused.

    But I will say again, this was not caused by the Coptic Orthodox Church and it does not affect the witness of Orthodoxy to British people, which is continuing within the Coptic Orthodox Church.

    If you want to see what I am doing then follow me on
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    Father Peter,

    Excellent website. You've already written about issues that are quite relevant to me in the website (you just need a section on Evolution & creationism). I love your writing style. This is a fact. You are a good communicator. Whether you care for this feedback or not, I think we are at a disservice if you decide to cease contribution to this website.

    Ultimately, if you go, we will simply end up with a forum where its an opinion verses another opinion. There's no reference.

  • @qawe

    calm down! 

    Let's be careful not to rashly judge others. Yesterday he was our Metropolitan. He was not deposed of because of his false teachings, rather he politically left the church. We do not know all the facts. Does anyone have the full story to actually judge. We only know of the outcome that he has left communion with our church. Does he still hold to our church's teachings? If so he is not a heretic. This appears to be a political move. He has to do what is best for his church. If you pm, i'll tell you my personal thoughts. Don't be quick to dismiss the holy metropolitan seraphim.

  • I do know all the facts. I do know the full story.
  • Is the poster PeterFarrington a priest? Sorry. I did not know and he definitely did not act as one.

    Your Reverence,
    If you cannot handle public forums and you are ashamed of your identity, then do not participate in them and be careful not to misrepresent the BOC or judge others in all know-it-allery attitude.

    You have the advantage of hiding under your priesthood crown. Regardless of the lies you propagate against the BOC, your rank will lend you credibility. If you take the liberty to attack bishops and metropolitans on false grounds, who did not teach heresy nor are excommunicated by the church, do not expect anyone to honor your rank that is definitely lower and dependent on the rank of the bishop that you attack and who ordained you. At least be grateful to the man who laid his hand on you.
  • It's always funny to me when someone predicts or identifies what others would do in a specific situation, and then not too long after we see a confirmation of that...not sure for what reason. Kahan just did this and proved how rude, unchristian, inconsiderate and disrespectful he is. Sadly, he took advantage of the anonymity that we have here on the forum because I am sure he cannot do the same in a setting where he is known in which he'll probably be too weak in even standing in front another priest to attack him.

    But oh goes on and I think we have read enough about this topic and I will close it, while other Mods may reopen it to say something beneficial. 
  • Someone asked the Pope about this topic when he met with the churches in Seattle and i believe his holiness responded nicely:

    his response is in arabic but i believe it's simple to understand. If anyone doesn't understand anything, please PM me. 
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