A proper functioning of Tasbeha.org in 2005

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Dear Mike
First of all I want to wish you, your colleagues and, all our coptic brothers and sisters throughout the world a blessed and happy 2005.

On reflection upon the downloading function of Tasbeha.org in 2004, it seems obviously, that there has been a continual problems, in this regard, as shown by the messages of the members, that goes back to early dates in 04. This problem, to me and too many others, has not been resolved till now.

I believe that for Tasbeha.org to continue providing its intended service, for the coptic community, the following issues need to be seiously addressed:

1- The site capabilities against the demand and, whether there is a need for more added structural work at your end.

2-Financial resources: if the problem lies in this regard, a proper solution needed to discussed( preferalbly with Abouna), be it an annual small subscription, that to be sent in maintenance and equipment for example. The safe means of sending such subscription can be discussed later.

3- Equality of accessability: This means the site needed to be either accessible or unaccessible to everyone. Varing accessability between individuals can lead to disappointment, and may act as a stumbling block, to those who been deprived of utilising and benefiting of this exceedingly loved site.

It gives me a great pleasure to hear your comments, as well as Abouna's and everyone who has interest in this issue.

Once again I wish you a happy new year, and look forward to the day when I and my family are able to spiritually benefit from your beloved site. God blees.


  • Dear Atef,‎
    Thanks a lot for your concern and your post. ‎
    In regards to your concerns (and ours as well). We are trying as hard as we can to ‎maintain service at an acceptable standard to meet the demand with the resources we ‎have. We are trying to work on improvements to bring the Coptic Community a more ‎reliable service . ‎
    I would like to assure you though that there is equality of accessibility. When you can't ‎download from the site, we as admins can Not either. ‎
    Please pray for the service that God may bless it and it will be more fruitful. ‎

    T A S B E H A . O R G
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