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Are there ANY Coptic Christians in Spain?
I need a phone number of a priest (ANY PRIEST) in Spain. I searched the net and couldn't find anything. 



  • Hi Zoxasi:


    How are you? Did you check this link:


    Wiki states: "


    • Saint Mary and Archangel Michael( Santa Maria y ArcÁngel Miguel)

    Alicante, Spain There are also many Coptic communities around Spain including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga."


    Good luck..

  • I know that Spain is being overseen by HG Bishop Youssef of Bolivia. You may be able to contact His Grace through:
  • Guys,

    Thanks a million. This is awesome. Im living near Spain now and travelling to Spain (from France) is just a great experience. I'm passing the most beautiful scenery in the world. I've already been in touch with a priest in Spain already.

    I love my Coptic Church. I go to a Catholic one, but I feel there's something missing there. I just miss the fellowship and the sermons as well as the hymns.

  • im just curious, but it seems from what I've seen and heard, that most of the Copts in Bolivia are actually native Bolivians. How did that happen??
  • I heard in Bolivia many became Orthodox because Anba Youssef made an effort to pray 90% of the liturgy in Spanish. Teaching and culture also addressed the Spanish speakers. That's what I've heard though, it might be best if someone who's more knowledge or experience of Bolivia speak on this.
  • @cyril.....mabalash!!!! can we not start that argument of language here too?!
  • I'll ask Anba Youssef when I see him. Having said that, I heard that our Tasbeha in Spanish is better in Spanish than it is in Coptic or Arabic (or Italian!). Moreover, the Spanish hymns in the Catholic Church aren't that bad either... very very funky stuff. 

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