Elias and the Beast from the Earth

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I am sure everyone is aware of the story of Elias on Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18) and how he wont the contest, by bringing fire from heaven, or God answering by fire. I was reading Revelation 13:13 and it dawned on me that this beast or false prophet of the antichrist does the same thing. Is it possible that he does this in the same manner of Elias and thereby claiming to be the Prophet Elias?


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    I also thought this and it is the opinion of other Christians who believe satan tries to copy everything God does but know that
    The two witnesses which includes Elijah will prophesy to people to repent in sackcloth and ashes and cause and take away rain they will also call down fire from heaven if any wants to harm them this is in revelations chapter 11

    The beast will kill the two witnesses and the wicked will rejoice but they (the two witnesses) will be restored to life and ascend to heaven

     because people did not receive the love of the truth we see in revelations chapter 14 the beast will also do miracles but I suppose he can't restore life even if he does it will be fake

    therefore people were given warning not to receive the beast having rejected the true prophets who taught repentance how can they be justified in accepting and believing the beast?

    Also I think people are given opportunity to repent for accepting the beast through the angel who gives warning 

    but imagine how hard that time will be one can not even buy food unless he receives the mark of the beast but those who believe the two witnesses will be able to endure it

    also some people believe Christ will return to earth considering in zechariah 14 it says God will stand on two sides of the earth and this is also mentioned in revelations but in revelations it shows the true meaning
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