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Dear friends,

I am suffering from painful unemployment and am feeling very depressed because of it. Since I have too much free time, I decided that I should spend more time in prayer. But I have trouble praying for longer than 20 minutes. Can you give me advice on how to pray longer.
Please pray for me.


  • did you use the agpeya? (coptic prayer book).
    did you watch saint movies?
    also reading the Bible is good.
    may God guide you.
  • ask your father of confession (FOC) how much you should be praying... like amount of metanyas or prostrations, amount of psalms to read and chapters in the bible to read
  • Should be, "How to pray deeper"  not longer. Prayer is not measured by length but by depth. Anyone can say words from their mouth, but not everyone can say them from their heart. Read Orthodox Prayer Life by Fr. Matta 
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    I read this a few days before your post. Every word is from a book called "Practical Spirituality" by Fr. Athanasius Iskander (pg. 52).

    "God, in his his love towards us, gives us plently of chances to practice and acquire this important virtue of patience. Unfortunately, because we are not "tuned" towards God properly, we fail to realize these opportunities and most of the time we miss taking advantage of them.

    For example, you are out of a job and it has been two months now. You have sent hundreds of resumes to various places, you have been praying fervently, but, alas, not a single response. You start blaming God and asking, "Why is God doing this to me?" The answer is this, God is giving you a golden opportunity to practice patience. It is the easiest thing for God to give you a job right away. But an instant job will not lead you into the Kingdom of Heaven, patience will. So, God gives you a chance to practice and acquire patience, and the sooner you do it, the sooner he will give you that job!"

  • ^ great book!
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    It's an awesome book, it was written by my father of confession when I lived out in Canada!

    Saint Macarius the Great said something very important, "It is not always necessary to pray with many words, it can be enough to simply say, 'Lord, have mercy!'"

    His point is that, as our Lord spoke of the Pharisee, that sometimes they make long pretenses of prayer. The Lord, as said above, is looking for us to have love toward Him, to give Him our hearts. Sometimes that's expressed in pure silence, other times it's pouring out the heart with many words, sometimes it's tears, sometimes it's just short prayers, sometimes it is psalms… All of these are prayer. 

    Do not aim for length, aim for communion of your heart and His.

    Pray for me,
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    Hi Fr. Antony Paul,

    It's enjoyable to see new people here at Tasbeha. They make the forum more colorful and alive through the speaking and sharing of God's word! Having a priest on here is even more of a blessing! :)

    However, I think we would like to get to know you more. I know you mentioned earlier that you used to be in Canada with Fr. Athanasius Iskandar, right? What church are use serving in now? And how long have you been serving as a priest?

    (just a little note, you may want to change your youtube privacy settings.)

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    Dear CopticStrength,

    I didn't see this post, and for some reason I'm not getting any e-mail notifications even though I subscribed to them all.

    I am currently serving in the Diocese of Los Angeles under Anba Serapion. Can you send me a private message about the youtube thing because I'm not sure what you're referring to! Might be better that that be in private rather than public! :)


    pray for me,
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    Hey, I looked up Fr. Antony Paul on YouTube, that is not me!

    Pray for me,
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    Orthodork :

    When you want to lift weights, you don't put 300lbs on the weight bench and attempt to lift it. You must start at 100lbs. Then progress the next week to 110lbs. Then the next week to 120lbs, and so forth until you reach the 300lbs. 
    Prayer is tough. I prayed for the first time in my life a prayer which lifted me up when I was 32. And just to let you know, I am 32. It takes time, so do not look merely at the clock to think that you need more time. Do what is comfortable for you, and then slowly progress.
    Maybe 20 minutes, then 25, 30, and so forth. It doesn't have to be in a matter of weeks, but it could be years. Just take your time and do not get stuck in formalities of time or organization or how you sing a hymn. It isn't about that. It's about what is in your heart, what you believe that is important.

    Good Luck and God Bless. 
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