Please pray for Taunt Nermine and Taunt Magda

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Please God, please help Taunt Nermine, she is going to Egypt this weekend, please help her go and come back safe; You know how much I want to go as well, it has been 13 years, I wish to go, help Taunt Nermine's trip be good. I hope Uncle Milad finds a job here in the U.S in New York State and that he and his family can settle here for good. Please help Taunt Magda as well with her apartment problem in Egypt. I hope Grandma and I go to Egypt as she said to me...


  • It's great to be using public orthodox forums to ask for prayer requests, but I urge caution in mentioning people's names and places of residence. Although the names you mentioned are general, without last names, the issues seem personal and if anyone was able to figure out who you're talking about it might cause problems or embarrassment for the person.

    But I do appreciate your loving heart. I pray for these people as well. May God help us all, and may they be safe in Egypt.
  • This is a prayer to God Himself about His creation. Nobody will be embarrassed because none of these people know, I am active on it, but these people are in His Hands and He knows what to do..
  • Again, believe me, this is a prayer to God Himself, so please let Him take these prayers to deal with, nobody will get hurt! God will judge us if we don't take care of our brethren. So, please....
  • mikegkaldas, I think you've greatly misunderstood my post; I wasn't saying to cease praying or caring for others. But that's fine; I will not argue with you :) Just do me a favor, and keep me in your prayers as well. You're a good man.
  • Sure friend, forgive me
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