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Hi everyone, I was wondering what does the Christian faith say about relationships e.g boyfriend girlfriend etc.
Like quotes from pope shenouda etc.
I know he once said have many boyfriends and girlfriends but in what sense does that mean


  • He means that you can have many friends who are boys and many friends who are girls. Its interesting how we take something like "friendship" and twist it to mean something more.

    35 years ago, the term girlfriend really meant a girl who was a friend. If she was "more" than that, i.e. if the couple were romantically involved, she'd be a "lady friend".

    Now, a girlfriend just means that you are in a relationship with a girl outside marriage. That is a sin. Marriage is a sacrament; and only within this Holy Context can a Christian be in an intimate relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
  • that is the best video that i have ever seen about dating!!! watch it
  • I'd recommend the dating series found here

    As they explain how to apply Christianity to modern life dating and explaining the reasons why, rather than just stating the rules (ie no premarital sex)
  • Thank you all... For your posts

    @mnc_hnn I've seen the dating series! I love abouna anthony !

    If I know someone in a relationship with another Coptic boy, but their parents don't know
    What should I do?
  • You can speak to the person if you are close enough and tell them what you think and ask them what they think. But you can't tell their parents. That's their job. Because if you do, you will definitely lose their trust. (Would be completely different if it was about someone who is for instance taking drugs, because in that case, their judgement would be completely impaired and they would need someone to intervene. But your friend is aware of what they are doing, you can only advise. It's their life and their choice
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