Rochester Trip

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Please everybody pray that God approve that I go to Rochester this Friday-July 9, 2013 to go to the Monastery and spend Friday and Saturday, please pray that the vehicle that will be driven opens lots of space so I can go to a convention there in Rochester. I want to go badly and I hope that room is available for me there and in the car. I wish for this to go opposite what people are telling me-I want to go and would do anything to go. Pray for me that this works out well. God Bless.


  • I will be attending this convention. I'm in the GTA. Message me if you are here as well

  • Please pray that I'm there, I beg you man, please pray to God that He approves me going, God Bless
  • Please all of you pray that NOBODY Gets left out at all! Abouna Demetrius's children: Verina, Phoebe, Bavnouti all go and that I go with them too and that nobody isn't left out. I hope the van has enough room for me. I want to go, pray that Rochester Monastery accept me with no issues. Again, Uncle Ehab's van pray that there is plenty of room for me to go with my friends and that nobody is left out by any means. God Bless.
  • One more day everyone, Uncle Ehab must approve, please I beg you all, pray that I go with my friends and that all people who want to go, nobody left out, please pray for me that I am there, forgive me...
  • I Will Pray For You!.
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