Im in a bit of a pickle....

Well I have pledged to wake up early and I am having a lot of trouble waking up at the designated time.
I would like to know of some tips and tricks on waking up early

God Bless


  • a) Sleep early
    b) As soon as your alarm rings, just wake up
  • [quote author=dthoxsasiPhilanethrope link=topic=14478.msg165017#msg165017 date=1370858283]
    a) Sleep early
    b) As soon as your alarm rings, just wake up

    Thanks for the Reply!!

    As that is great advice my issue is more of a self-control issue or trying to actually get up. I know I should get up but how is my question...

    God Bless
  • put alarm on the other side of the room, so you can't switch it off without leaving your bed.
    also if you ignore it, it will wake the whole house and get you into trouble.

    going to bed early also helps.
    go to bed 9 hours before you want to get up.
    just before getting into bed, pray and read the Bible (if you didn't read it in the morning).
    then get into bed with a nice book (saint story for example) and read for 10 - 30 minutes.

    this has to be AN ACTUAL BOOK, not a computer because:
    1. the lights on computer are too stimulating and don't let you get sleepy
    2. you will be distracted by other gadgets on the computer and start stimulating yourself with games etc. which will not make you sleepy.

    my husband just added that you have to actually have a good motivation to get up as well, which is true.
    if you hate your study / job and you are just dragging yourself from one day to the next, of course you will not wake up on time.
    if this is you, then listen to what your body is telling you, and either get a more exciting life, or learn to truly love the one you have.
  • Thank you so much mabsoota!!

    Please pray for me and may God Bless You
  • 1. Everything Mabsoota said is perfect.
    2. No drinking after 9. Depending on how old you are, if you're above 30, your prostate and bladder are more active.
    3. Stay away from caffeine, power drinks, sugar, and any other stimulant that keeps you up and makes you crash in the early morning.
    4. What you are really asking about is a medical term called circadian rhythm (also known as body clock). Computer lights (and blue lights) if used correctly can make you drowsy. Other ways to correct the circadian system is behavior psychology. (This is what Mabsoota meant when she said learn to love your life or get a more exciting life.) Also depending on your age, you will need 9 hours of sleep, more if you're a teen ager.
    5. Most importantly, get a sleep study. You may be waking up from sleepless leg syndrome, obstructive apnea, central apnea, hyper/hyposomnia, and slew of other problems that are forcing you to wake up. Look at this video of a dog with restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. () He has restless leg syndrome, then he actually stops breathing (even though his chest and lungs are expanding) for 30 seconds. Around 39 seconds, he takes a big breath that wakes him up. Then he tosses looking for a comfortable position for his airway for another 15 seconds or so (notice he extends his neck instinctually to open the airway). Now imagine doing this 30-100 times an hour. You end up having zero efficient sleep and you're always tired. No matter how far you place the alarm, you will always be tired. The solution is to minimize the sleep apnea to begin with. With more sleep, you have more energy. With more energy, less depression, less agitation, less risk to have a stroke, heart attack or car accident.

    Go see a doctor. Home remedies only work if you know what the problem is. Medical diagnostic tests will confirm what the problem is and then you can figure out how to wake up easier.
  • interesting, how do you use computer lights correctly to make you drowsy?
    all the other stuff is true, although sleep apnoea is usually only in fat people.
    i think it's more common in america, as there is this cultural habit of eating loads and not exercising, as people take the car instead of walking for half an hour.

    i remember going to visit our (asian) friends after they  had been there 2 or 3 years, they were already fat! i wanted to walk 20minutes to church (ok, it was zero degrees celcius; freezing, but we all had warm clothes) and my friend looked at me like i was crazy  :o
    so if you are american, you should probably see a doctor.
  • If you go to sleep with your window blinds open (provided your window hasn't got a public view that invades your privacy too much) when the sun rises, it will force you to wake up even without the alarm. Try is annoyingly effective.

    Try and avoid your room being too cold in the morning (set a heating timer or something) because if it is too one wants to get out from under the covers
  • in uk right now, the sun rises at 4:30am.
  • Really!??!?

    In Australia it rises at like umm....7.00 right now. So I usually wake up to darkness.

    Thanks soo much for the help guys.

    May God Bless you all
  • Just wake up, it's how I do it
  • [quote author=So Minute, So Lonely, So Blue, So Upset; Unable to Hold On! link=topic=14478.msg165222#msg165222 date=1371868032]
    Just wake up, it's how I do it

    Easy for some!

    I struggle to get out of matter how many hours of sleep I had over night. I hardly ever wake up feeling ready to face the day (physically and emotionally) yeah, it's not easy for everyone
  • did u get a check up with your priest and your doctor?

    also check to see if you are working or studying over 70 hours a week. this leads to tiredness!
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=14478.msg165244#msg165244 date=1372012875]
    did u get a check up with your priest and your doctor?

    also check to see if you are working or studying over 70 hours a week. this leads to tiredness!

    Can't get to the bottom of it...
  • coundown to 10 do it like this 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 then WAKE UP
  • [quote author=sodr2 link=topic=14478.msg165252#msg165252 date=1372022048]
    coundown to 10 do it like this 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 then WAKE UP

    I will definitely give that a try but this all needs some self control which I seem to lack in...

    Well I have found some other ways if anyone would like to know:

    1. Have something important to ME or something that makes me excited to do in the morning.
    2. Exercising during the day also really helps
    3. Sleeping with a window open to get some fresh air in.
    4. As soon as I open my eyes, taking on the advice of the Pope St. Kyrollos the 6th, "Make the sign of the cross on your face and say"In the name....Glory be to..." then stand up and pray the Lord's Prayer.
    5. And never go back to your bed once your up.

    Thank you all for your help
    God Bless
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