Question about an app

I wanted to ask you what you think of this coptic app!

I like it, but I need your feedback! :)

But only for iPad/iPhone


  • Its not bad. I think the interface on Coptic corner app is very good. Coptic corner allows you to store a book in iBook which is useful - if your app could do that, it would be great. 

    Excellent app still. Well done.
  • Thank you for your feedback!

    The store function for books, will be available in 3-4 weeks and other some functions
  • absolutely fantastic app its like on the go its great keep up the good work
    but one thing i have to talk about is the lack of variety of moalems u have in the app please add more ibrahim and hics
    but other than that great app
  • I also thank you for your feedback and your beautiful words about the app!

    We will add more songs by ibrahim ayad!
  • I think you should take a look at Coptic Corner app first. I think the app has a LOT of hymns and the TV execution is very fast.

    Otherwise, its a great app. Well done!
  • An android version sometime soon maybe?
  • Yes, we are working on an Android version!  ;D

    But we don't know when the app is completed (1-2months)  :-\
  • [quote author=Copticandproud link=topic=14476.msg165027#msg165027 date=1370887434]
    An android version sometime soon maybe?

    We are working on an Android version!

    Click on this link for more information!
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