Eastern Orthodox interested in Coptic Church



  • Irishpilgrim is right. The Antiochians have compromised many aspects of the true faith because of their desire to be ecumenists. Its a big problem in the EO. The ROCOR has the right method of dealing with converts through rebaptize. A catholic baptism is not acceptable. THe ROCOR church would agree as well. THey are very traditional and loyal to orthodoxy. THe Coptic CHurch would not accept a Protestant or Catholic baptism either. Even if christmation occured, orthodox baptism is lacking.
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    God then blessed me with the itch and ability to spend about seven years visiting Coptic and Ethiopian Churches (to gradually clear out the Catholic/EO false claims and slanders - Infallible Vicar of Christ, One True Church, One (any) baptism, monophysite, intransigent, Seven Ecumenical Councils, imperialism, etc.) and eventually understanding and receiving in the Holy Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of Baptism and Chrismation, Holy Coptic Orthodox Immersion Baptism and complete Holy Coptic Orthodox Chrismation with Holy Myron. I suspect that our RC and EO visitors and inquirers have a somewhat similar itch as mine was. God gave me gradually stronger signs. I've shared many of them here (as those referred to above). They seem to have the same slander, propaganda, higher theology, etc. based mindset as I had. 

    God bless you, irishpilgrim. 

    Pray for me.
  • [quote]THe Coptic CHurch would not accept a Protestant or Catholic baptism either.[/quote]

    They do now. (Catholic, not Protestant).
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