Your favorite thing about being coptic

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Hiii guys, :) :) :)
I just wanted to know your views on the coptic Orthodox Church. I wanted to know why so you feel special about being coptic??whats your favorite thing about coptic?? Why do you feel the being coptic is different from any other church???
There's more questions please let me know your story. Please also feel to add more info not just answer those questions in particular. Thank you  :) :) :)


  • the depths of God's love.
    for more, see the new year's or Christmas sermons of pope tawadros.
    if you can't find them, maybe someone can find the link.
    i think there is one on this site somewhere (may have been me!)

    oh, and also i love our pope and all our clergy
  • My favorite thing is The church is filled with love and not judgement and condemnation. God is love, kind, but just.  I feel welcome and can be myself.
  • welcome to the website, katri3!
    God bless u
  • deep sense of comradeship!
  • Thank you for all your answers. I enjoyed reading all of them :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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