Protestanism VS. Orthodoxy (Songs)

Hey Guys,
I heard a buch of stuff like the church is becoming protestant and such speak from too many people,
and I am honestly fed up! It is a fact, but the only thing happening is stating a fact!
Where is the line? Where is the clear line in which we can differenciate protestanism creeping within
orthodoxy? Let's say for communion songs, where is the line to draw?
What't the difference between a song like Father God, and Our God is an awesome God or something more
like My Coptic Chuch, and something else?
I agree the church might be becoming more and more protestant, but how exactly, and how do we avoid it from
becoming graver?
PLEASE, do not turn this thread into a Protestanism VS. Orthodoxy debate!
Thanks for your answers, FirstChurch


  • Hi FirstChurch,

    We're actually discussing this exact same issue right here:,10538.270.html

    The "new" part of ths discussion, which is just what you're asking ("What do we do about it and where do we draw the line"?) starts on page 19.  Please join in!

  • I don't know why I am wasting my time with you people
    My dad believes in Jesus and loves him he considers himself orthodox but he hardly ever takes communion
    My sister is orthodox but she for the sake of her marriage (married 1 or 2 years ago) and righteousness to a former catholic respects other Christian traditions and can go to catholic activities
    You think my family deserves to go to hell and burn forever don't you ?
    Now tell me is that tradition and sectarianism or the God you insist in worshipping and putting in your own image
    Without even saying I don't know about them you judge and reject and become a branch without fruit

    I bet you people who are heavily orthodox are not even taking up your cross
    No tupac no swearing no m rated movies no attention seeking in church
    For Cursed is every man who does not continue in every law which is written in the book of Moses because seeking to establish your own righteousness I can't believe I am saying this believe me it seems true you have not submitted to the righteousness of Christ you like to be called of men saint saint but it is the Spirit of God which justifies man not empty practices do not taste do not handle which have no power against the indulgence of the flesh

    No prophet is welcome in his own town
    Oh you are not a prophet you say !! Boo boo blaspheme boo blaspheme boo
    Oh but I am even called the friend of God the salt of the earth and every honourable name I am called greater than John the Baptist

    It seems odd that you are a fan of 2 PAC and m rated movies but you think you are learning the culture to make them orthodox
    Anyway it's not so wrong if you are strong but if you do it because you want fame and live with uncompasaionate hearts you are a thing of shame

    Next you Like to quote certain quotes of pope shenouda and reject the others I will leave it to others to judge this of you
    Is that what people did with the previous popes so we don't know how they really were ?

    I often told my father to take holy communion and I had no part in convincing my sister to marry a catholic so do you think I should drop them and try to go to heaven? well I will try to go to heaven but that is by loving my sister
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  • Since when did all these actions become a formula for me to avoid hell and go to heaven? Anyone cultivating there holiness and spirituality based on going to heaven and avoiding hell is going against what Christ taught.
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