Orthodox London mission of St George and St Paul the Hermit

His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim, of the British Orthodox Church within the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate, will be celebrating the Holy Liturgy at the Orthodox Mission of St George and St Paul on Saturday 9th, June.

This is a mission directed towards those who are not yet Orthodox, and it needs YOUR support. If you are free on Saturday morning then please consider coming to pray with us, and inviting friends and colleagues. This is a pan-Orthodox mission and warmly welcomes members of all Orthodox communities in London, but especially those who are not Orthodox, not even Christian, or have found it hard to worship regularly elsewhere. But we also need the support of committed, Orthodox Christians who will worship with us as they are able and be a welcome to those who are seeking to become Orthodox.

Raising of Incense : 9:30 am
Divine Liturgy : 10:00 am

Refreshments and fellowship follow the Liturgy at 11:45 am.

It would really be encouraging if even one or two Copts supported us,


  • You have got my support, in spirit, from the USA.

    I hope the B.C.'s (British-Coptics) show up.
  • Dear ILSM, I am always dependent on your prayerful support.

    Tomorrow night, Thursday, 14th June, at 7:30 pm, His Eminence Metropolitan Abba Seraphim will be leading Orthodox Evening Prayers, and then a presentation and discussion on the subject of the Nature of the Church.

    His Eminence is well worth spending some time listening to.

    The evening will take place at St George in the East Church, Shadwell, London, E1 0BH.

    The Church is only 4 minutes from Shadwell Station on the DLR.

    All are welcome. Refreshments will follow the discussion.
  • there were a few british copts there!
    next liturgy is 7th july; send pm if the details are not clear enough on the british orthodox website.
  • Saturday 7th July - Orthodox London liturgy

    The next liturgy of the Orthodox London mission will take place on the 7th July, at St George in the East Church, 14 Cannon Street Road, London E1 0BH, at 9:45 am, with refreshments following.

    The liturgy is celebrated in English, and His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim will be the chief celebrant.

    You are warmly invited to worship with us on this occasion and support the ministry of the Orthodox London mission of the British Orthodox diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate.

  • God willing, I will be there. I will be driving down from Hatfield with all my belongings in the car as I am moving that day.  ;D
  • God bless you Daniel, and all who will be supporting our missionary activity tomorrow, both in person and in prayer.
  • I left a few flyers and made an announcement on your behalf at the Grapevine Fellowship on Wednesday. I'll pray for a good response!
  • Just in case any Copts are free this evening. We have a second study on the Church led by His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim as part of our Orthodox London mission.

    We are meeting at St George in the East Church, 14 Cannon Street Road, London E1 0BH

    We start at 7:30pm

    All are welcome.
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