Need some advice please

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I have been thinking about posting this for a long time now and hope I dont offend anyone by this,Please forgive me if I said something inappropriate.
Im in a very difficult situation and needed to know what the church says about things like these..
and what your opinions are..
My name is Sarah and im 18 years old.
Couple of months ago I started getting really depressive and even started self-harming,the reason behind this is that I have been sexually harrased by my uncle since the age of 12.
I have so many questions but I cant seem to find an answer,I told my Father but he did not do anything about it.
Should I go and tell my Father of Confession?and If what would the church advice him to do?like what is going to happen?
Again im sorry If i said something inappropriate.
Please pray for me in this hard time.
God Bless you and Thank you


  • am sending p.m.

  •   My prayers are for you Sarah. It is not your fault, first of all, so the guilt you are experiancing is hurting you. You have to get protection and even if the church is a place of sanctuaray and you need support. The situation is one where your uncle has to not find attraction to you and that maybe your parents could tell him of your uncomfitable feelings. Maybe this way there will be distance between you and him. The distance between us and God is our sin and he seems futher than you are from God, so make that distance true.
  • Keep on fighting my sister! God loves you! And we will pray for you that His will be done. Don't ever despair or lose hope! You have not defiled yourself or committed the sin! You are still pure and beautiful in the eyes of God!!!  This is just another cross you have to carry, it will pass! Please pray for me!
  • .Go to your FOC he will help you.And do not harm your own body. It is written that we are each a temple of God so why harm the temple of God. You have to take care of yourself.
  • Mark,

    You need to understand the degree of pain or trauma associated with self-harming. She did not wake up one day saying, "oooh, this could be fun!" The self-infliction probably provides a little bit of relief of what she has been locking up for the past 6 years. Of course, it does not accomplish anything in the long run, but that is something that would have to be dealt with emotionally and psychologically, not rationally.

    You are in my prayers, Sarah.
  • thanks G_M for helping me understand... ill pray for u sarah
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