Fantastic Coptic Hymns Maps, Check This out Now, be Quick!!!!



  • Wow!!!! this is actually the first time I realised that these "other maps" are placed into our alhan map folder. they actually look great! May God reward whoever wrote them :)
  • With the help of the lord, we have added the map of the hymn Etaf Eni Eskhai for the feast of the cross, thanks
  • We have added the map for the hymn of Enthoten Ze for the Fast of the Apostles
  • Awesome :) these look great really. Can you put videos on Youtube showing how you read the map with the sound file as well? I think it might be a good idea to help learning actually. What does everyone else think?
  • I was looking at Devte Pandees and just wanted to say that the notes were great and the handwriting was beautiful! Thanks for the effort.
  • Awesome :) thanks very much for the feedback, this feedback greatly helps us with our service, please pray for us. thanks again :)
  • A key indicating what the different symbols mean would be beneficial.

    Also, do the "maps" go with certain recordings better than others?

  • at least 95% of the maps were written based on the recordings of Cantor Ibrahim Ayad, there are few ones that were written based on recordings of other cantors like Cantor Gad & Cantor Zaher.  I will try to record videos of the hymns & reading the map, then I will try to put them on youtube or something.
  • I will try my very best to put this soon :) thanks a lot for your reply
  • I love these. I learn long hymns really fast.
  • With the help of our Lord, we have added the hymn of the Festival Pauline. Please give us your feedback when you have sometime.  Your feedback really helps us producing better maps.

    Many thanks
  • With the help of our lord, we have added the map for the First Asbazmos Adam for the Nativity Feast. Please send me your feedback. Thank you
  • This is great, but what's the video under Annual Hymns?!! Very inappropriate!!
  • Seems like someone added inapproperiate materials to the folder.
  • Hi, I think that someone deleted all the hymn maps. Please reply if you see any different.
  • Yeah I couldn't find them. There has to be another way without giving the username And password.
  • Whoever really owns the dropbox can reload them and then we give him just our emails and then if we have an account with dropbox we'll be able to access them
  • There is a folder with about 75 shared people in it, that is full of hundreds of hazaat. Each person contributes their own, and the folder gets larger and larger. If you leave your dropbox email below, I will add you into this folder.

    EDIT: It's actually around 35 lol 75 was a different folder. My bad. Still great nonetheless
  • Baladoos,

    I love the maps that you had on the dropbox and I was wondering if you are posting them on a website or something.

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