Using a Tonia outside of service



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    Also the instructions for deacons issued by Hg Bishop Youssef of the Southern Diocese says that tonias are to be worn during Vespers and Matins.

    This was the practice till thirty years ago  . thx God it is coming back.

    In my church we have always done that, and I never understood why it wasn't done in some churches.
  • RO,

    That is nothing in respect to some of the other stuff available. Those links are tame to say the least, compared to others that I lashed out against.

    I got "tear-jerking" stupid remarks to try to rationalize some of the other YouTube videos.

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    Watch this, this, and finally, this.


    Which Abouna is that?
  • That was Abouna Paul Guirgis, church of Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius, Mississauaga Ontario
  • Woow, the world coptic video was hillarrious in my opinion but maybe thats just me because I like silly things like these. Still, my only criticism is that the again, the tonia is a liturgical vestment, and two, why couldn't the video be named "world orthodox" rather than "world coptic" the goal to evangelize the world (orthodoxy) or make more fans or wannabees of Christian Egyptians? I know this is not directly related and its not the intention of the video makers but just saying we should be a bit more careful.
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