I'm looking for a tarneema

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has the text for the tarneema "Samehni Samehni" in English.

If you can also find it by Ibrahim Ayad, that would be great. I remember he recorded it one time. I understand it will be in Arabic; that's okay. Thank you very much.


  • The audio for Ibrahim Ayad is here: http://tasbeha.org/mp3/Songs/Arabic/Kanisaty.html
    (6th one down)

    I hope somebody else can help you with the text for this song in English.
  • Yay! I get to practice my Arabic!  ;D

    I found a link (http://st-takla.org/Lyrics-Spiritual-Songs/05-Coptic-Taraneem-Kalemat_Sein-Shein-Saad-Daad-Tah-Zah/Samehny-Ya-Saiedy.html) with the Arabic text, so lemme try...

    Sama7ny, sama7ny, sama7ny wih esfa7 3any
    La tarzelny, la totrokny, la tarfoudny ya Rab er7amny (2X)
    Sama7ny ya sayidee (3 X)

    Sama7ny 3ala el-tafkeer
    Fee ay amarshreer
    Sama7ny 3ala el-tukseer
    Fee el-3amel wih el-khedma ya Raby


    Enta ta3lm eny bashar
    Wih 7owly kud-antosher
    El-fasad wih kol el-shar
    Raby onzor ela wih 3anee


    Nodmet Raby wih bikeet
    Surket wih min kulbee nadeet
    Koult 3azmet khalas wih no-eet
    a3eesh lilak min kol kulby


    Um. I just listened to the recording, and it doesn't match anything I wrote!  :o

    Looks like I'll be going back to Arabic 101... for the 9th time.

    I'm sorry I failed you.
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