The Muslim religion and people?

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So I heard that the Muslim religion teaches people to kill those that are not part of their faith. This makes me feel a bit paranoid and sometimes afraid from Muslims. I have this Muslim guy in my class who came to talk to me and was asking about my age. It makes me feel paranoid to go to class, worried from that guy. I know that I am being over dramatic but I cannot get this issue out of my head. I also know that fear is a sin and I am sooo disappointed with myself for letting fear get into my heart. Any advice? Do you think it would be okay to trust Muslim peers in our college? Do you think I am over reacting and if so, what can I do to over come this fear.? (I know fear is a sin and I am trying to stop being afraid and I am praying that God would help me so please do not judge me but instead offer advice and pray for me) Thanks


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    I wouldn't worry. If they talk to you, talk to them, but keep your responses as brief and to the point as possible. As for trusting them, trust is earned, not given, so you have to see if they are trustworthy or not. Or, you could always take the X-Files route: 'Trust no one'.
  • I had the same thing happen to me two times. There was a girl in my class that made every effort to talk to me but like you out of fear I avoided her at all costs. I hear all the crazy stories from Egypt about girls getting kidnapped, drugged, and forced into Islam and being a girl that terrified me. Eventually, towards the end of the year I spoke to abouna about the topic and taught me how my actions towards her were incorrect. Acting in this manner, proved to the muslim person that their religion is correct by calling us infidels and such. He said, However, act in a christian manner, kindly and with love as you would any other individual. That way, the muslim person can see Christ through you by your actions. For that girl, I was never able to make it up. Recently, a few semesters ago I was confronted with the same scenario. A muslim girl also making every effort to talk to me. Again, I started out fearful, distant, and mostly dry with my interactions with her. A few weeks into the semester I was reminded of abounas words and put every effort to live it and I do not regret it. The semester went by smoothly and we actually still talk. She managed to open up to me about many personal things in her life and all my responses to her were in communion to what the church taught so she can see His light.  She is a religious muslim and often bought up the topic of religion to discuss, so its also good to be well grounded in your own faith for such discussions. I am by no means saying that I am well grounded but God gave me the wisdom to know the basics and deal with her in a decent manner. This is how I managed this situation with abounas advice. Regardless, I feel I did make mistakes in dealing with her in regards to placing too much trust in her in which she could have had the potential to misuse if she had ulterior motives in her dealings with me. Overall, I think the formula that worked with me was caution mixed with kindness but with wisdom so one is not naive. This is my experience, I hope that gives some insight or some ideas of what you can do based on abounas advice.

    Please keep me in your prayers,
  • You'd be so -lucky if this guy killed you in the name of religion lol
    "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."- Psalm 23:4
    "Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident."- Psalm 27:3

    Not many muslims are like this, good intent is in the heart of many. Humans are not stupid, there is a reason why there are so many muslim converts; they view it as a religion of peace, although we know this to be a fallacy. Still, these people would never commit a hateful crime and would abandon their religion if they knew what it was. However, there are a few loons (although you can call them the truly religious of the bunch). I wouldn't be afraid at all my man.
  • Thank you everyone for your replies. I am still worried thou because of the many stories that I hear happening to christian girls. What worries me more is that I am a female, and a muslim guy asking my age shows that he is interested. Also, our class ends at 8/8:30pm and I walk to my car alone.

    Anyway, I know that I shouldn't be afraid because Christ is stronger than all this and He is the One that protects us and gives us strength but I cannot get my mind off of it.
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    Are you in Egypt?
  • No I am in the U.S. but have this muslim guy in one of my
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    Ah ok. Then don't worry at all. If you feel threatened, there's always campus security.
  • Thank you for your answers. It feels good to have someone to talk to about our worries. Please pray from me to grow in faith and strength :-)
  • Trust has nothing to do with what religion the person is...until you know what they are like.

    We shouldn't assume everyone from a certain religion is bad...some muslims are really good people.

    May be because you only just found out these flaws in the religion, you're freaking out a bit..but you'll be okay..a lot of us always knew this stuff anyway. Many things can be shocking for us.
  • I have come to realize that, the ones that are kind to us pagan/heathen/polytheists, as they call us, do so, because they see as PETS.  If you pay attention, you will discern the patronizing master effect like one has with their dog or cat.
    It is a conjoining of emotions but never the full effect or respect of human to human.


    You cannot be a true friend with a pet.  You can be friendly, but never a friend.
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