Amen Alleluia Hymn...

Hey Everybody  ;D

Can you guys tell me the different responses that come after "Ten-osh e-vol engo emmos je o pen-Shois Esos Pekhrestos" and what times of year they come in? Our church always messes up at that part, and I wanna know for the next Liturgy. Coptic-English would help the most :)

GBU All,
Je Nai Nan


  • From June 19 to October 19/20 cmou enimou emfyarou
    From October 20/21 to January 18/19 cmou eniciti nem nicim
    From January 19/20 to June 18 cmou eneear ente etfe
  • Does this apply to Canada and the USA because I have heard that we cannot differentiate between what season it really is. Because these verses apply to the season of food growth (farming).
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