Coptic Liturgical Music

Christ is in our midst! 

I am looking for where I can find resources to learn the various music settings used in the Coptic Church.  I know there are not "Tones" like the EO has, but there are music settings, or tunes, that change based on the feast, season, etc. 

Also, what is the best program for an English speaker to get to learn the Coptic language? 

I am more concerned with the first question; the second one is a bonus.

Thank you.


  • On this site, you will find several links to different seasons of the church by different cantors. You will find them by clicking on the "Audio Hymns" link under the "Media" tab.
  • Unfortunately my computer does not support the audio files from this site.  Is there a converter or something or a special player I can download?
  • do u have an mp3 player? if you have or can borrow one and plug it in to the computer then maybe you can download the music to it and then listen from that.
    if that doesn't work, try anything from this page:

    and this is a full liturgy:

    if that's not enough, there are about 10 more pages...
  • Thanks again.  I do not have an MP3 player or iPod, however that is something I probably should invest in. 

    I also downloaded an e-book off of the CopticBook site, called "Coptic Music."  It is an historical review of Coptic music, especially in the context of liturgical music.  The writer mentioned the various "tunes" that are employed and how they vary, and that in 1927 someone had ventured out to set all the Coptic liturgical tunes and hymns to written music staff.  Does anyone know where I can find this?

  • get a cheap one if u get one. no need to spend $100 on something that will go out of fashion in a few years. ones without brand names are the best and u can get them second hand.

    hope someone else answers the hymns question!
  • here is a link to the liturgy with musical notation done by Ernest Newlandsmith, the guy mentioned in the book.

    Dr. Ragheb Moftah donated all of the transcriptions and recordings to the library of congress and the link can be found here.
  • For the hymn's question, (I hope someone doesn't slap me for saying this), I suggest you listen to the hymn of the Seven Tunes :P.
  • it's a great idea, do u have a link or information on where we can get a recording?
  • I'll second that one--do you have a recording?
  • It can be found in the live recordings section of the HCOC website. Scroll down and you will find two - one for the Feast of the Nativity and another for the Feast of Epiphany.
  • I have a complete live recording by Cantor Ibrahim Ayad and the Chorus but I can't find it.
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