Catholic-Oriental Orthodox Forum

The 6th meeting of the Catholic-Oriental Orthodox Forum will take place on Tuesday, 24th May and is hosted at the Catholic Bishops Conference General Secretariat.

The forum draws together bishops and representative clergy from the Catholic and Oriental Orthodox churches in the UK.

At this next meeting the priorities and strategy of the forum will be discussed.

Father Peter Farrington
Catholic-Oriental Orthodox Forum


  • that's great. may God bless your work  :)
  • While I do not discourage dialogue between us, I certainly do not support unity. Could it be possible that one day the RCC reverts back to Orthodoxy, sure, I would support that. Either way, dialogue is certainly good.
  • I think that a good dialogue with Catholics in the UK is essential, it will give us a nice buffer zone against angry Evangelicals. haha j/k

    All the best on the forum Fr. Peter, I see you have mentioned that it was productive on your facebook, will there be any statement released soon?

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