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Can you guys pray for me because i am really struggling in English class. Not that English is hard for me, but the teacher is ridiculous. If you are absent and you come back and turn in the work you were supposed to the day you missed he won't accept it and will give you a missing assignment. I am at a B right now. I know some of you are saying, wow what a drama queen, but it just doesn't make sense that i have an A in AP Euro and an A in Honors Chemistry but a B in English. Please pray for me because this is causing a lot of distress for me. thanks.


  • Drama queen?! Not at all - just an overachiever ;)

    Go directly to the teacher and ask him/her what you need to do to get an A. Plan it out and focus more. And don't turn things in late!!

    God Bless.
  • The problem is that u can't reason with him. I asked him what I needed to do he told me to do better on tests which is obviously my main priority and he refuses to give me any kind of extra credit. I guess what is bothering me more than having a B is the fact that I am worrying so much. I prayed about it many times but I still worry. It has been a very depressing two months to tell you the truth. I don't mean to be such a pessimist it's just that I am just sick of the hassle of school. Don't forget to pray for me guys I really need it. May God's will be done.
  • This is what happens when Egyptian parents tell you anything below an A is unacceptable and you will never get into a good college, never get a good job, thus never get married and live a miserable life.

    Think of the worst case scenario - you get a C. So what? Life goes on. I am not telling you to 'cruise' through school and not try hard. But don't stress over the most minute things. I was definitely in your shoes before. It is not a fun position. Heed my advice: get good grades but making a real impact in your school through extracurricular activities is more important. Developing real life skills is priceless. Lots of people can get As - not many can become student body president. . .

    All of that said - put your two loaves and five fish in the hands of the Master and let Him bless.
  • hey, i got a C in english at school.
    so i now study arabic instead  ;)

    ps i also made it to university after having a C.
    pps also the world didn't end after i got a C.
  • A in AP Euro? Impressive o_O I'm taking that now, and it's insane.

    Some teachers can just be a bit....difficult. In the grand scheme of things though, you're gonna end up fine  :)
  • Nobody EVER gets an A in English.  English class is not designed for you to get a good grade.  Think about it.  The teacher tells you to write an essay on such and such a topic.  The teacher doesn't know what you're going to write or how you are going to write it.  Grading essays is an inherently biased activity because the teacher must determine if what you have written is "good" or "bad".  Furthermore, the teacher must in his/her own terms define "good" and "bad".  Arguing with the teacher about this won't help b/c the teacher has already determined what he/she is willing to believe is "good" and "bad" and you're not going to change that.  There is no standard by which to match the differing opinions.

    The point of a high school English class is to teach you something way more important that writing an essay or learning grammar.  That is, to deal with someone who is a real pain.  In life you will meet people who are not compatible with you.  They will be impossible to talk to.  They will not compromise.  They will not consider that your opinion counts.  They will make your life difficult just because they can.  These people may have authority over you or you may have authority over them.  The point is that the two of you will be stuck together and you need to know how to deal with that situation.  Now in high school, before you get a job, is the time to learn this very important skill.  If you're wondering what I'm talking about let me give you an example that nearly everyone on here can see in their lives currently: deacons.  Every church has that one deacon that gets offended really easily when a certain hymn isn't said correctly or when they have to sing the liturgy really fast because of time or some other reason.  Can you tell that deacon to suck it up and deal with it?  He'll probably stop coming to church; and then you will be responsible for his loss.  You have to accomodate that person.

    I am a straight A student who has been on the honor roll in my high school for almost all 4 years and on the dean's list at the university every single semester I've studied.  I've never earned more than a B (not even B+) in ANY English class whether in middle school, high school, or university.  You don't need to have an A in everything to achieve academic success. 
  • Thanks Unworthy1, mabsoota, George_Mina_Awad, and Archdeacon for your very helpful and comforting advice. May God bless you guys. Don't stop praying for me. Thanks so much guys, i feel a lot better. I just don't wanna get the "shib shib" when my parents get the report card, know what i mean. Lol. Thanks guys.
  • I thought I would add one more thing - you will not get ahead by getting good grades but by being ambitious, curious, daring, etc. MANY people get good grades. What you need to do is separate yourself from them. Begin writing for the school newspaper, play a sport, start learning about business, read a lot of books, etc. This is what will get you 'ahead.' The college degree is losing value in America, what employers want to see are practical skills.

    God Bless.
  • I Got an A in english  :-[
    But B's and C's in everything else, expcept music which I got an E in.  :'(

    Now funnily enough I am a teacher, and harsher than yours it seems, since I hardly ever give A's.

    Just try your best, if you are getting a B in English and A's in everything else it means you are doing well. My best friend got all A*'s and 2 A's in school (or there abouts) but the fact that 1 or 2 grades were not A* didn't change how she did afterwards, since employers, colleges and the like can see that you are generally a high achiever. Just do what you can, and we will pray that you achieve what you deserve.
  • I also got A's in English. My big problem subject was always Math (still is). I think it's rare to find people who are good at everything. Just do your best and try to avoid obvious pitfalls, like the "no late homework" one.

    DanieM: What's an "E"? I don't think I've ever heard of that one. Must be a European thing...? (I would assume that if there were a grade between a D and an F, I would've already gotten it in Math.)
  • In the UK, Grades go from A-F

    Anything under a C is practically a fail by any employer's standards, but you still get the certificate as you did not get a U (ungraded).
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