The Creed during Passion Week



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    Good points from all of you of course, but just sad for me to think a man-made declaration is not in anyway touchable, but palms, gospels, and whatever else can be touched...

    my simple answer: because without that Creed there would be no faith in any of them.....
  • My point is that we're not deleting, we're not changing, but we're only cutting it short for a short while. How does that interfere with our faith? don't we know It by heart? SO the forty nine days a week that we're doing that we're confusing others and harming our brethren in faith. I personally don't think so. ALSo, when was the CReed created? WHEn was it modified or added to?
  • The Creed was determined at the council of Nicaea in 325 AD and was modified (to put it briefly) in the 380s. The council of Ephesus in 431 AD determined that the Creed must remain unchanged.
  • So all the years before 325, how did non-believers survive in our Coptic church?
  • The creed was a proclamation of faith against heresies. Heresies still exist so the point of the creed still holds fast and should be said in its entirety.
  • I am sorry.....i gave up...i am not arguing this again. I have poster the Holy Synod's declaration of the rule...that is ENOUGH even if we think it's wrong....i am done.
  • YEs jydeacon, but in many things we treat ourselves as smarter than the previous ages. NOw yes I'm a big opponent to the infallibility of authority figures, but to be honest, the lack of meditation faculties and encouragement to use these is the reason behind doing things differently from what has always been taught...
  • Ophadece,

    The change in the Creed is a small one compared to the other things that need to be corrected. How about changing the homily of St John Chrysostom, that is read on the 11th hour of Tuesday, to fit the new teaching that Judas did not partake of the communion?

  • I actually haven't heard of this before. What? Are we really that confident he didn't! please don't start me on this one. Is there any problem that judas may have partaken of the Communion? Does the Body and Blood of Christ exonerate you from any wrongdoing? Hehe... are we muslims... hehe. Even st. Paul defined some as criminals in the Communion. Oh, I see, we're really smarter than previous generations including st. John Chrysostom, aren't we. Actually imikhail we debated that issue last year and even FR. PEter quoted some patristic quotes of some saints disagreeing with each other, but of course in this day and age we all have to be in agreement with the Holy Synod, don't we? Enough said. Happy Good Friday. The Lord died for us...
  • ophadece, I don't have a problem with people disagreeing with each other.

    But they had better not disagree with me!!!!

    May the Lord bless our final days as we approach the Feast. We had a very beautiful time of prayer this morning in my own little Church.
  • And that's what I was pointing out FR. Peter. But today unfortunately things have either this or it's wrong. Really sad...
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