What is happening in Egypt?

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What exactly is happening in Egypt right now?? My arabic is terrible and it is difficult to understand all the news and whenever I ask my parents what is going on, they never answer and just stare at the tv. Can someone explain all of the recent events please?


  • ok, well, what I understand, is that there's a whole bunch of coptic people who gather at this square across from tahrir square. They've been there 9 days now. They are there because there's a bunch of muslims in this little village south of cairo called atfee7 burned down a church. The muslims saw the coptic language written in arabic letters and they were like "magic! burn the church". Anyway this also comes at a time when this little village has just had an issue with a supposed coptic man who had an affair with a muslim woman, and two muslim men got into a fight over it and killed each other. (Rumor has it that it wasn't an affair at all, but the girl actually converted to Christianity. A woman on paltalk who says she knows the guy's cousin said that. He lost everything over this supposed affair).

    At the same time the army, not liking the loud christian voice supposedly aided some criminals in  attacking the christian area, the mokutam. Killed 13 christians. In the aftermath, St. Mary has appeared in makutum, and sohag and various places in Egypt. Also, the martyrs' bodies were giving off a really bright light at their burial. *breathe*
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