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Hey everybody, I am currently experiencing something very close to a panic attack (not there yet but almost there).  I am extremely stressed out.  Please pray for me.  These coming three weeks are going to be tough.  I have 7 papers due (each ranging from 5-7 pages) in the coming two weeks and 4 final exams in the last week.  I will also be taking a practice GRE exam at the end of this coming week and the real deal by the end of finals week.  I must also finish writing and submit two applications for classes.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me in your prayers so I can survive :'(


  • WOOOOOWWW... u have sooooooooo much to dooo... gosh u really do need a prayer. well, hope u suceed. cya
  • God be with you. Just remember to take it day by day :)
  • i totally agrree with i belongtojesus, and unworthy-1
    Rabina Ma3ake- arabic not so good :D, day by day still ahv time for the Lord, do prayers before u started all ur papers, and all ur exams:D
  • may God give you strength.
    i have failed some exams and assessments in my life. it was not the end of the world.
    remembering that God still loves us whether we succeed in exams or fail, has helped me through a lot of my study.
    also remember that once you have read the same page 3 times without remembering a single word, it is time to sleep!
  • Thank you for your prayers everyone.

    mabsoota, thanks for your encouragement.  I really hope I don't end up failing any of my classes because I need to graduate in summer.  Lol, yeah, that's happened a few times this quarter...I hope not during finals week though.
  • Ohhhh, I sure have been there! I made it and did not die (which was a real possibility; I caught pneumonia TWICE during my last term, and at one point was running a 105 degree fever, so I had to go to the hospital and everything. I do not recommend this as a way to get extensions on your paper due dates! ;)), thanks be to God. He will look after you, too. I will pray along with all these other wonderful people. You can do it! Trust in God!
  • God will give you Success
    God will give you calm heart and soul
    As you care of his children and care to be His light among the world, He sure will be there.
    He is beside evil ones so, how about His daughters and sons
  • Hey GodlovesME,
    How are your exams going ?
  • Ask God with all your heart with the intercessions of Saint Pope Kyrillos the 6th.

    TRUST in Him. It works. My mom tells me that if you do your part and you work with your hardest, God with do the rest and hold your hand through the test....tests and papers and exams in your case. Lol. ;D

    You will succeed!! Good luck!!!!
  • dzheremi,
    LOL I'm getting sick and finals week is next week.  Fabulous, no?  I left it in His hands, I'm trying my best and letting Him take care of the rest.  Thanks for praying for me, please continue to do so.

    Thank you for the comforting words crosslover.

    Hey Mary E,
    Thank you for asking about me.  I didn't do as well as I hoped on the practice GRE test so that means that I have to study more and apply myself to the dictionary on a daily basis :) so far, I've been doing ok on my papers and the exams...well, I have yet to see.

    Thank you CopticStrength.
  • Godlovesme,

    God loves you.
    That is sufficient.
    He blesses you,
    and that is magnificence.
    In your name is God
    and "me".
    They are tied together
    by love.
    His Love will never let you down.
  • You can practice your dictionary learning skills on tasbeha in your posts! It'll be a cool learning experience for all of us, except ilovesaintmark who wrote the dictionary :P
  • Btw ILSM, they are tied together by "loves" and you stopped rhyming towards the end. You call that a poem?!

    Things that rhyme with "me":


    I think you should try again.
  • Most of the words I use are made-up.  Although I wish I had an accent like Fr. Peter.
    I'm not a poet, I'm a deacon.

    I actually wrote it in another language and then translated it into English, hence the limited
    transference of the rhyme.

    I can't keep track of the different Godlovesme, Godislove_, and all of the other variations.
    Although there are 1,000,000,000....ilovesaintmarks on this site.

    One must also ponder the conjugation of the word "love" relative to the given circumstance.

    I think the overall point to address to the very dear Godlovesme is that of support in the time of
    travail and anxiety.
  • Thank you for the kind and comforting words ilovesaintmark.  I'm trying my best and praying and I hope everyone is praying for me as well.  I'm almost there!  Just one more week.

    TITL, lol I'll refrain from doing that.  I think we should focus first on learning spelling skills on this site instead of building vocabulary just yet.
  • May the Lord grant you success in your studies and your exams.

  • GOD IS AMAZING!  Thanks for all your prayers...I passed :)
  • well done  :D
    what does the greek say in your signature?
  • Thank you mabsoota :)
    The Greek in my signature is supposed to be Tenen in it's original Greek form, not the mutated Coptic.  Idk if it's correct but it makes more sense than the Coptic as far as meaning goes.  Tenen is my favorite hymn in the church ;D
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