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Hey everyone,
hope you all are doing great!
I'm looking for Bible videos/dvd's that have Bible stories for children. Does anyone know where I can buy them or download them?
Also, anyone have tips on making sunday school lessons for little children fun and enjoyable. If you have any tips and info please share
God Bless you all


  • I don't know about Bible stories so hopefully someone else can help with that.

    I do though have a recommendation for something that little kids will like. There is a Coptic Cartoon on the sacraments that is made for little kids called Holy Pimoly. There are two movies out for it right now. The first is about the sacrament of communion which is here and the second is about baptism and chrismation and the link to it is here.

    Hopefully someone else will help with the bible stories.
  • theres always some kids videos playing on the family channel at
  • ohhh, i remember one of the most memoriable(is that the word, hmmm, i suck at english, well anyway i am just saying that i remembered really good this lesson, gosh i suck at english and it my first language. hahahhaa) lesson was in like yr one or two or sumthing and then this teacher we had came and got us playdough and made us make it into litttle balls or sumthing to look like i think either sand, rice or mustard seeds. i cant remember what the lesson exactly was about but if it stuck with me for this long then its gotta b a pretty good lesson. well anyway my point is to do the lesson in a way that the kids can be interactive. like its really boring just to be told a story and do nothing. at least make them a song they can sing. like that zacaeus (sorry cnat spell his name) yeh its a cool song and it still has actions so its cool and fun.. soo yeh thats my point.. well hope this helps cya..
  • if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you will see great miracles.
  • This youtube channel seems to have animated bible stories:

    Watch them before you put them on in class though. I've seen some pretty weird things in Bible animations. I do remember watching some of those when I was a kid, and I used to like them a lot!
  • look i dont know if that will help or not but there is a free app o the iphone called bible stories, i think its just a great source for Sunday school lessons.

    please pray for me.
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