Pope's message concerning current problem in Egypt

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church

I'm informed that the site copticworld. Org has the latest message from HH concerning this issue.

I can't login to it.

Can someone login to the site and paste his message on here?



  • http://www.copticworld.org/

    its on the front page, but here's the link to the youtube clip just in case

  • HH is 110% behind Mubarak. 

    Please spread this video link via Facebook and your tweets.

    Thank u
  • I am really saddened by this.
    Who could our pope support this murderous dictator?
    I feel as though this undermines the blood lost by our Egyptian brothers during these demonstrations. They have fought so hard and sacrificed their lives to hold their ground for a new better Egypt. I have heard stories that make me cry. People need to understand this not an Islamic revolution, this is a revolution of the people; the MB would never win more than 15-20% (which is how many seats they have now anyways) of the votes. I am deeply disappointed to see the Coptic response to these protests; how can some of us support Mubarak? He is despised by everyone except the goons he pays to murder the peaceful protesters. I hope you guys listen to real news channels and not Egyptian State Tv which is ridiculously full of propaganda. The protests have made me more proud than ever to be Egyptian; Muslims and Copts are hand in hand fighting this murderous regime. Please support them; they are peaceful and only use violence to protect themselves from Mubarak's goons.
    Also, please understand Mubarak has NOT protected Copts at all. In fact, I blame him for attacks on Copts as an attempt to divide the people so as they do not unite against him. And before you answer me consider this; there is no police in Egypt and chaos everywhere; has anyone attacked churches?
  • @ pharoh123, agreed completely
  • A very wise Pope, bless him!

    But, it's bewildering to me that 8 to 10 Christians in Egypt have no say in the public life at all. Why are there no Christian political leaders in Egypt. Look how 0.9% of Muslims in America is messing up a nation of 300 million!
  • why would they attack churches when all media is watching?! they are not as stupid as they look, they would rather wait, overtake the government by the help of everyone they can get... even Christians...

    but I will ask you this, if they take over... how many church will even stand?!

    neshkor Allah, akhadna el baraka!
  • First of all, they will NEVER take over, I have complete confidence in my Egyptian people to elect a secular and fair government. I have never been more proud to be Egyptian in my whole life.
    Second of all, of course they would take advantage of this to attack churches ; they already massacred 11 Copts.
    This revolution has none of the characteristics of typical Islamic revolutions; this is completely secular and if anything this attack on protesters by the some in the Coptic community could propel people in the future to forget the efforts of the Coptic protesters who have sacririficed all in the name of freedom.
  • The Iranian revolution was secular. Look at Iran now.

    The Turkish revolution was secular. Look at Turkey now.
  • Guys, baba Shenouda's responsibility is the church. He cares about the Church and her interests. Mubarak is leaving, and he can't go back now that he's announced it to the whole world. What's in the church's interest now, is a peaceful transition of power. That is what Sayedna supports. There is nothing wrong with that. It's the most wise decision.
  • H.H. is trying to restore peace in a completely unstable country! Rather than letting outside influences (such as the U.S.) dictate the future of this blessed country, H.H. is requesting from the people to return to calmness. He also thanks the Youth for their protests and prays that the their actions would result into good, rather than chaos.

    It is noteworthy that while everyone is following the wave to criticize Mubarak. H.H. doesn't change his opinion of him (a true person does not follow what people say, but what his heart says). (Note H.H. is not saying Mubarak is perfect nor ideal! ) 

    To this date I cannot recall a single moment where I disagreed with H.H.'s decision. And truly I trust his opinion over mine! Just wait and see!
  • Can anyone find an English translation/transcript of this (or something else in which Pope Shenouda talks about the Mubarak/the current situation) anywhere?  It's tough to understand what H.H. is really saying from everyone's comments...

    Thanks in advance!
  • H.H. Pope Shenouda is one of the most loving and forgiving people I know of. To put thing s in perspective Mubarak allowed protests against H.H. to be carried out where there were inults against him and burnings of his picture etc.

    Now that this same thing is happening to Mubarak, HH backs Mubarak.

    I must agree that Mubarak is probably better than anyone these protests will get instead. Even if someone secular is elected they may not particularly care what happens to Christians. Though Mubarak isnt the perfect president, he seems to be the best option as of right now (also, it seems that he will carry out the necessary reforms, so there is no point to keep protesting).


    Im on a mobile device right now but, God willing, I will try to  post a link tomorrow.
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