Anba Mena Bishop Fresno California ????!!!!!!

Did anybody hear about this cause I'm flipping out at how outrageous this is people really have nothing better to do or we have a lot of heretics from within the church...IT IS VERY SAD!/profile.php?id=100001687262615

you will find the english if you go down a little on the info this is like Max Michel guys I can't believe it
and someone changed it on this website

If you have any comments or outrages please reply this is the first I have heard of this and I am shocked!!!


  • I'm confused...who is that guy?
  • I think he is a real priest but strayed from the truth and went to california after being kicked out of his church and i don't know if he is really a bishop now even though he is a priest not a monk or if this is  a rumor or he made himself bishop

    I'm as confused as you!!
  • WHOOOOA! is this real?
  • I may be wrong, but from what I understand, a group of people, upset with Abouna, have made this profile to mock him and refer to him as Anba Mena. Eskhariouty is arabic for Iscariot-obviously no one would associate themselves with Judas. If you go to the website provided on the facebook page, it is filled with pictures mocking other bishops and priests. There must have been some disagreement between the makers of this hateful site and profile page and Abouna.
  • who made him bishop?
  • yeah this cant be real.

    how can a priest just flee to America and not get reported...

    the people who made this didnt think it through.

    total fake.
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