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Dear brothers and sisters,

I am trying to pray for you all, and especially for the requests that you make here. But I have found it hard to keep track of them all. So to help me, and to hopefully encourage many other Coptic Orthodox to pray more regularly for others, I have developed a new website called http://www.copticprayernetwork.org.

The idea of the site is that people can place their prayer requests there (using initials rather than names to keep the request confidential), and others can visit the site and see the requests, or they can become members (you have to be a member to add a prayer request) and have whatever number of prayer requests they choose randomly sent to them once a day. Or they can choose to have no prayer requests sent to them, either for a time, or for ever.

It is quite simple in functionality, but it means that I can have a list of current requests, and also I hope others will want to receive a random selection of requests (from 0 to 15) each day and also pray for them.

All requests will be moderated by myself so that I can remove all identifiers such as names, and the site will just use initials. The identity of the person posting the request is never made known. That is not the idea. It is the request itself which matters. Requests will expire after 2 weeks, and can be deleted by the registered user who has added them.

My first targets are i. to enable myself to pray more effectively, and ii. to try to find 100 other people who will become members of the site and pray for the needs of others as they are identified.

Of course there may be some bugs, so let me know if you find them.

If you want to take a look and consider joining then please visit http://www.copticprayernetwork.org.

If you would like to support this ministry then please consider following the links to paypal and making a donation.

God bless you all

Father Peter


  • Fr Peter,thanks.This is a brilliant idea. I have always believed the Lord hears ansd answers prayers we offer on behalf of others faster than when we ask Him for our own intentions. I will definately sign up.

    Is it good to make the prayer requests public as there will be people who would, inadvertently or  otherwise ,write their whole identity and may feel their privacy violated afterwards? Maybe, making it optional isnt bad idea.I may be wrong,it is just an observation.

    Thanks and May God continue to bless your ministry.
  • Dear Hezekiel

    You make a good point, but that is why each request is moderated by myself to make it short, and remove all identification.

    Father Peter
  • Father Peter, I must say this is really awesome and I think very needed!

    I tried to register, but it told me there was an Internal Server Error. Is it bad on my part, or is the site just down?

    Pray for me, thanks Abouna.

  • I got the same "internal server  error" as peter.... is the site down?
  • I got it too
  • That's a really good idea, Fr. Peter.
    I also tried to register and got the error message as well. Also, the password field does not hide the entered password which is not how it should be, at least to my knowledge.
  • My bad.

    I check every page and function except the registration ones, because I know they are OK, and of course they are the ones with a problem. Anyhow, that is fixed now.

    I prefer to have the password displayed when I am typing it in so that I can see what I am doing. On the login page it does not display.

    Do try and register an account now.

    Father Peter
  • it works now, thanks  :)
  • Thank you to all who have registered as members of the Coptic Orthodox Prayer Network.

    My immediate goal is 100 members, and there are presently 11. So we have a way to go. I do have a vision of 1000 Orthodox praying consistently for a small number of prayer requests every day. So if you are on Facebook or other networks then do ask your friends and contacts to visit the website and consider joining, and of course pray for some of the requests.

    May the Lord bless you all

    Father Peter
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