Summer Holidays

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HI all. I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas of what a person like me (notice I am on in mid High school) can do in the Summer Holidays that will not neccessarily kill my eyes and turn my brain to gloop (like playing on the computer all day or on the DS or anything like that). Something that my parents would let me do (so don't say anything like going on holidays with a friend somewhere or anything that protective parents wont let me do) so like doing a jigsaw puzzle or something like that. Something that is fun and interesting. Is there anything to do for the Xmas season such as making gingerbread houses or something like that. Maybe something that will get me a bit closer to God and such. I will accept anything you send my way, I don't mind what you give me. Thanks


  • You forgot to say "cya".

    My dad usually makes me do homework problems during winter break, but I usually take advantage of this time by catching up on all the sleep I've missed during the semester. It's my hibernation time.

    I guess you could set a goal to learn a certain number of hymns within a time frame, or read some spiritual books from your church library.

    When I was your age I used to go on adventures by myself in the woods with bears and snakes. They were my friends. I'm not kidding.

    You could get one of those comic Bibles (with pictures and colors) and finish it all during your break. I did that when I was 12.

  • ahahahaha you noticed how i always say cya at the end of things huh. hahahah yeh i usually do sleep extra on holidays but then again i sleep really late and wake up really late. hahah. yeh There are no wods in my area to explore and if there were, my parents probably wont let me. Youve got sum good ideas tho. thanks

    ;D :D
    btw, anymore suggestions
  • work out!
  • Hey  :-\ Why do you have the same topic in two differnet forms? Well, thats weird..... I wrote somthing on the other topic you made.

    I would read books. Spend time with parents, and go to church. And read. And learn how to cook. And read. And run a track around and around. And read. And  And read!

    I am a living reading freak. Can't control myself not to read. So I think you should read a lot over the summer its beneficial A LOT. I LOVE READING!

    Now I have to go finish reading my book......"CYA!"
  • Well I put the same topic in two different forums because then if some people answer it in one forum and other people answer it in another forum then i would get two sets of different answers which might help me even more. Thanks for all ur replies. Ohh btw i am not really a big reader. Like in this whole school term, i only read one book and that was the one we studied in class. sooo yeh. I might "work out" (do liie 5 push up and sit ups every week) hahahah. nahhhh maybe not so much but i was thinking of doing the beep test at home by my self and like run so i get myself fitter and also better at my school beep test next yr. sooo yeh thanks. Anything else???
  • YEh, sure... sounds fun??? hahahaha
  • i know what you mean i am going to high school next year and it seems that it gets harder and harder to find something productive to do in the summer. what you could do is talk to your abouna and ask if there is any way to start a summer camp. we did this last year and it was a hit! we are starting to make it an annual thing. some ideas for the things to do in summer camp:
    Liturgy in the morning
    Arts and Crafts
    etc. it really was fun for kids from all ages ! ;D :D
  • Come biking with me to the museums, bring your friends. Seriously, bike, it's good for you and you'll enjoy it, go to new areas and tour your city and beyond by bike.
  • Well... since its not summer any more here in australia... hahaha i will just keep some of that stuff in mind for next summer. ohhh... and we do summer camps every yr at my church ever since i can remember, but did u mean a camp for more than  three days or for like more than 3 days??? we do 3 day camps.... so yeh .... thanks
  • work out and participate in Mahragan El Keraza
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