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i have a situation on the topic of abortion
i think it's among the  most frequently asked questions by young people like me.
Actually i believe its a sin and our Church also teaches us the same!
but what if someone who thinks more about the problem than the teachings of the church, came to us or me- a Christian and ask me to help him in the abortion process? what if he propose the question in a way that seems very persuasive? like saying the life of his girl friend is in danger and that she may die if she is left to give birth? what if he asks you to give him the money for the abortion? even worse, solely depends on u? what if no one even her families do not know anything about the case?
please these all things happen to me right now.
so please give me your advise.i really need help.
let God help us all!


  • Our church teaches that abortion isn't wrong if two situations arise: if the mother's life is at stake or if the mother was raped.

    What do you mean "even worse, solely depends on you?" ?
  • I am not sure that the Church would consider abortion in the case of a rape. We are still talking about the life of an unborn child.

    And the mother's life at risk argument (thought entirely medically sound) is very, very often misused. Most abortions in the UK are conducted under this rule, and it means only that the mother does not want the baby and would rather it disappeared.

    If there is a real case where the mother's life is in immediate risk then the doctors would be all over the situation. It would be something like an ectopic pregnancy.

    In what way is this person's life in danger? Is the person a member of any Church? I do not believe there are any circumstances in which a young Orthodox person should be involved in the facilitation of an abortion. It is very grave. It is murder. It will affect many lives in a negative way.

    You must urge this person to seek the advice of responsible adults, it is not fair that you bear this burden alone. There is much that can be done to help a young person who falls pregnant, and it is much less spiritually damaging to have sinned in this way, than to compound the situation by taking the life of another person.

    May the Lord have mercy. But abortion is never the answer.

    Father Peter
  • I'm sorry, you're right Father. I was miseducated!

    Thanks for the correction :)
  • when i say solely depends on you i mean to say that my friend is saying that he has no source of money than me, that am his friend that could understand him, that i should be there for him at this time.......etc
    and one thing i live in a 'developing' country and the source of money the medical options the facilities are not as like the 'developed' countries so............
  • But a man cannot become pregnant. What is the condition of his girlfriend? How is her life in danger?
  • [quote author=TITL link=topic=10007.msg122361#msg122361 date=1290006368]
    Our church teaches that abortion isn't wrong if two situations arise: if the mother's life is at stake or if the mother was raped.

    What do you mean "even worse, solely depends on you?" ?

    who said the Church allows it in the case of rape?! the Church DOESN'T
  • [quote author=Father Peter link=topic=10007.msg122368#msg122368 date=1290011888]
    But a man cannot become pregnant. What is the condition of his girlfriend? How is her life in danger?

    forgive me for my poor explanation.
    my friend is the one who ask me for help because his girlfriend got pregnant he told me that she is feeling sick, dizzy and sometimes fainted he said that the baby is almost about 4 month old and 'as he said' the doctors said the mothers life is in danger. so for this reason he needs money thus he wants to borrow from some financial institution by proposing a [fake] business plan and then using the money for the abortion. he just asked me to be his collateral! i think i explain it all, sorry again for my poor language and poor explanation. and thank you for your suggestions and time for reading it.
    God bless!
  • BISS,

    I believe the best answer is to re-read your own last post to yourself five times very slowly and listen to each word.  Your answer is in your trepidation that you write.
  • I have to say that my own wife has often been sick and dizzy during pregnancy. Does your friend have a definite diagnosis from a doctor? What diagnosis has been given by them?

    I think that ilovesaintmark has drawn attention clearly to the growing list of moral and spiritual problems associated with this proposed course of action. You should not allow yourself to be involved beyond care and prayer.

    Are these Coptic Orthodox people who have this situation?

    God bless you and preserve you

    Father Peter
  • don't do it, for the reasons already given.
    do you have a sister or female friend who is a Christian and can talk to his girlfriend?
    Maybe she needs other medical treatment that you could help with, not abortion.
  • Actually i believe abortion is a sin and our Church also teaches us the same!
    there is no discussion for this like Father Peter said its a murder!
    but what bothers me is discerning the two words; the one type is that giving help to every question that we are asked of; verses: epistle of john, tells us that a person who does nothing while his neighbor is in need of help does not goes in the line of love, and our Lord on the sermon on the mount said that our left hand should not see while the other gives and saint Issiah saw this in a way that we don't have to ask questions on our giving or pity...
    And the other side is not to participate in the sinful matters we could mention many verses for this
    now am in the middle of this two words needing a spiritual opinion
    let God bless us all
  • How can assisting someone to murder someone be considered helping them? It is also causing the spiritual death of all those who participate.

    If someone asked you to help them rape someone would you still be wondering whether or not to help?

    If someone asked you to help rob a bank would you be wondering if the Gospel requires you to help?

    It is NEVER ever proper to sin or to assist others in sinning. Indeed to help someone sin shows that we do not care about them at all, and are willing to see them face the judgement of God.

    I think you already know the answer to this question. Abortion leads to excommunication. It is murder. To help someone procure an abortion is a grave sin. You will help best by doing all you can to persuade your friend not to follow this course.

    Father Peter
  • Hello Biss,

    Pope Shenouda was asked by someone if he should help someone to cheat on a test, because of the very verse you mentioned.

    His response was that you can't take one verse and leave the other. He told him that in no way can he do this. Now imagine if this is the response to cheating on a test, what would be the response for abortion which is murder.

    Please pray for me and God bless.
  • Okay, I learned a great deal from this.

    Thanks all for taking the time to reply.

    Please pray for me.
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