Fantastic Coptic Hymns Maps, Check This out Now, be Quick!!!!

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Hi All,

I have good news for you. Lots of People like to learn Coptic Hymns using hymns maps.

There is a deacon in my church that loves creating those Coptic Hymns maps, I personally find these maps great & I learnt lots of hymns using them.

He is working on a project to make many more of those maps, but he needs feed back from people to see if they like them first. 

I uploaded a sample of these maps, please follow the following steps to be able to view them:

1. Go to
2. In the Log in Section, E-mail is: [email protected], password: hany58
3. Open the Files Tab, & click on the hymns folder.
4. Write Click on the PDF file & select: "download file"

I need your feedback ASAP, this deacon will love to help other people learn hymns in an easy way, but please don't ask me what his name is because he doesn't want anyone to know OK?

Many thanks

God Bless


  • Dear baladoos,
    I find it nice really. I guess you are the one who did it (not a friend)... I very much like your enthusiasm and the style, but I don't like using English letters to transliterate the Coptic (shouldn't be that hard to type a few Coptic letters as you have done in the main stem of the hymn). Anyway, I couldn't personally use it. I guess it is very easy to work out and other members may find it very helpful, but as minagir said it once, I guess every body may have their own unique way. At least for me I find it very difficult even to use
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
    [coptic]oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
  • Thank you baladoos.
    They are very good and useful also as practical references.

    For extra perfection I think these two things are needed: a common legend for the performance map symbols and an MP3 voice clip for each hymn to follow exactly its given map.

  • I really like this idea and agree with John_S2000
    God bless your efforts
  • I also like these maps, they're easy to read. I agree with the others about the legend and the use of coptic letters instead. I found the english more confusing. Other than that its great, thanks for sharing! :)
  • who ever did these hazzat have a GREAT arabic handwriting.  :)
  • These are awesome! Please keep them coming :)

    And I agree, amazing handwriting!
  • Yeah, they are great and very neat!
  • Thanks very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
    Alright then, there will be a lot more maps to come. This deacon promised that he will try his best making many more of them, for different occasions as well.
    I hope these maps are useful.
    I will let you know as soon as we upload more maps.

    Once again, Many thanks & please pray for us.


  • Great maps.
    God bless all the people who put effort in this.
    We are looking forward to see more maps for more hymns.

    BTW is there any other way to share these documents other than giving us your password. I just think that it is not safe.

    God bless
  • Thanks very much everyone

    We will add more maps in the next few days. By the way, this project is an on going project, so please always check the link that I gave you to see if there are more maps added. I will also inform everyone (as part of this topic) when we add more hymns.

    I apologize that we didn't write the maps in coptic letters, but this is due to the fact thatnsome of our church kids don't know coptic & we use English to teach them instead. But again, we will do our best to bring these maps to the highest possible quality so that people will find it easy to learn from.

    Unfortunately we don't have our own website, & that's why we couldn't find any other way of putting these maps on the internet. However any suggestions will be great and are most welcomed.

    Once again, Many Many thanks to everyone that replied to this topic, looking forward hearing from you.


  • Hi Everyone

    We have just added the hymn of the 7 tunes map.

    Please have a look at it.

    Many thanks

    Please pray for us.

  • Hi Everyone,
    We have added approximately 20 more maps, please have a look at them if you like
    Many thanks
    God Bless
  • Hi Everyone,

    With the help of God, we have added more hymns today (Covenant Thursday & Paskha).

    We also added a word document containing information on how to read the maps.

    For those that have downloaded some of the maps, can I please ask you for a favour?

    Could you please PM me & include the following information in the message?

    1. Name of the Map
    2. Your rating of the Map (1=poorest, 10=best).

    We definitely need this information for the improvements of the maps.

    Once again, we are welcoming any input, suggestions, corrections, improvements etc.

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    May God bless you all.

  • I've moved them into the Public folder so you can at least link to each one. I'd be interested in hosting these for you and putting up something to make it easier to share. Can you PM me your email?
  • Sure thing Michael  ;D
    Many thanks
    God bless
  • Hi Everyone,
    tomorrow we will add the complete map of the hymn of Praxeon Ton (Covenant Thursday Praxis).
    Looking forward your feedback.
  • Praxeon Ton has been added just a minute ago  ;D
    Looking forward seeing your feedback, please pray for us.
  • WoW!!! God bless your work!! This is absolutely amazing and it's pretty clear that a lot of time and effort have been put into it.

    Thank you very much.
  • Thanks very much Tishory, there will be more maps soon. Please pray for us
  • Hi All,
    With the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have added the map of the hymn O On O Helpis. This hymn is said during glorifications.
    Hope you will find it useful.

    God bless
  • Hello Baladoos,
    Thank you very much. I love that hymn. It is awesome.

    God bless all your efforts.
  • Thanks Heaps Ebnyasoo3, I hope you find the map useful.
    There will be more maps coming soon  ;D
  • Is there any chance you could get Is Pateer (the papal version)?
  • We have just uploaded the hymn of Ef Em Epsha Ghar for Kiahk. You will find it in the Kiahk Folder
  • Hi All,
    Today we will upload the map for the hymn of Aspazeste (Major Tune).
    Please pray for us, & don't forget to send me your feedback, this really helps us improving this service.
    May God reward you all
  • Aspazeste (Major Tune) has been uploaded to the Annual Hymns folder
    Please pray for us.
  • Can you guys please get evlogimenos?
    God bless, Pray for me,
  • We've just added some of the hymns for the feasts of the Cross. Please mention us in your prayer.
  • Wow, I've just browsed through the "other" maps and they look amazing. How old are they? Who wrote them?
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