Lesson On Prayer

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Hi guys!
Im teaching a sunday school class of grades 7-10.
And it's time to learn about prayer.
But i can't seem to find any good lessons on prayer.
Any links or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also, on a seperate note, our class needs games!! Does anyone know any easy, fun educational Christian games?

Thank you in advance!


  • DUDE u have to show them this!!!
    Part one:
    Part two:
    It will only take up ten min...i think this will rly impact them as it did for me :)
  • Abounasarecool

    you dont know how much i needed that right now i just got up and found that lol but really thanks for posting it, it was beautiful. 

    pray for me
  • Most important thing:  teach them how to make the Sign of the Cross well, and all of its meanings.  It is their first and greatest weapon in time of need.
  • Prayer:  Just do it.

    Prayer:  Quality not quantity.

    Prayer:  It is a way of life.

    Prayer:  It is the life of the Way.

    Prayer:  What I want to say.

    Prayer:  Say what is is in my heart.

    Prayer:  Pray that God have mercy on us.
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