Finding a wife



  • I guess Europe is a bit more progressive than the USA.
  • Dr. Nabil is from Los Angeles....
  • I guess that is the "left" coast.
  • is it so wrong to discuss Orthodox marriage and orthodox sexual positions in marriage?
  • I was being funny in a way.  Orthodox marriage is wonderful to discuss.  It is a great subject.  I just did not think that the "positions" was a subject to be breached inside the church as part of a discussion.
  • according to who? you? we actually had a priest talk to us about orthodox sexual positions at one of our college retreats....
  • Dude Cop,

    I was commenting.  It was a little surprising for me.
  • Yeah, I agree with ilovesaintmark, it was just a little unorthodox (lol lol pun intended)
  • to kyrillos3
    if u have parents who know u well, it's a good thing if they help u find yr marriage partner. it doesn't work for everyone though, not everyone is blessed with great family relationships. like maybe there's been traumas in the family and everyone copes in his/her way and isn't necessarily close enough to advise u on something that major. and your parents might not accept you're grown up and ready to get married.

    in a church where people have been there some years, of course it's also great to get the priest's advice. but many people travel a lot these days, so i think it's best to ask advice from people who know u well, like for a few years at least.

    btw it's a VERY BAD IDEA to look for a partner on an internet site, Christian or otherwise.
    unless you're living at north pole, you should find you bump into real live men/women on a regular basis in your day to day life. if u don't, it's not the internet u need, u rather should see yr FOC or a counsellor (about your unsociable lifestyle) before u get married!
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