I can't pray

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Forgive me if this is a repeat post, but I am struggling very much to find solace and comfort in prayer and solitude. I feel like I can pray when I am with people but I fear that this is because I am trying to impress them with my passion and sincerity in prayer. Yet, when I am alone, my mind wanders in a million different directions and I realize I am saying things without meaning them. I just can't turn my thoughts off to focus on God. It feels like a disease when I can't stop thinking long enough to pray sincerely. How do I stop thinking? Or how can I learn to pray again?


  • i have this exact problem!
  • I think a good approach for you as a start is to regularly use a small printed prayer (or the Agbya) that you hold and read while holding also a small cross or the picture of Christ or a saint. Also recite the Lord's prayer at the beginning and at the end of your prayer.

    Initially pray for few minutes then gradually increase your prayers as time allows.

  • I was having the same problem, so I started keeping a journal and writing down my prayers in it. It's worked very well for me. Praise him, tell him about your day, whatever. He wants to hear it. And you can judge how well your prayer was at the end by just looking back at what you wrote.
  • what u describe is very common. i have also had this problem but it gets better when i pray from the agpeya.
    i can now manage about 15 minutes of prayer in half an hour (only 50% time thinking about other things  ;) and maybe 1 day i will pray better!)
    i think u should follow john s 2000's advice.
    also if u tell God all your random thoughts while u are trying to pray, this is not a bad thing, as u are then not trying to hide anything from God. this is the first step in repentance, and God loves it when u praise Him and try to spend time with Him.
    our enemy the devils hates it when people pray, so don't be surprised if it is not easy!
    may God have mercy on us as we call on His name.
  • Get your emotions of love and hapiness and security engaged , and you'll surely be concentrating. You see , once emoitons are switched on , your unconsious mind will not wonder off as the consiouse mind is concentrating on prayer and emotion!
    I hope this helps , cause it helps me even when the devil attacks :).

    Happy Deep Praying :).
  • Praying the Agbeya is a good help.  It helps you with words and emotions, especially when reading the Psalms portions to allow you to meditate on your own issues and be able to reflect them to God.
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  • try to meditate alot ... clear your mind .
  • ya'ani meditate on the Bible, and clear yr mind of other stuff.
    Christian meditation is so beautiful coz u fill yr mind so much with God's love for u that the other stuff has no space.
    reading the Bible, eg acts of the apostles, gospels, psalms etc tells u so much of God's love. eg psalm 8 helps u to praise God for the good things He created (flowers, mountains, rivers etc).
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