Im afraid of the devil

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Some of you mightt remember my post around 10 months ago . to sum it up it was at night right when i just fell into sleep , i was paralysed eyes half open , and saw a black cloudy figure hovering over my head and i was scared, it took me 30 seconds to get out of the paralysis state and go sleep over in my grandad's house.

Another situation , i was going to travel the next day , so at night i wanted to pray in my house a long prayer for God to have mercy on my sinful spirit, and so after prayer after heading out to open the door, i heard a beast-like laugh in my ear , as if some one just shouted it through my ear and turned away , i looked back found nothing. I hurried out to my grandads again.

To be honest , ive never slept aloen in this house ever since. I pray and everything , but i still feel like someone's behind me , i cant concentrate, its like the pressure increases everytime i try to pray! WHY IS THAT! is it just the fact that im afraid of the devil , or does he exsist.

i want to know how to overcome this fear. i want to have full faith in Jesus, that if the devil appears , Jesus will wipe him away , i want to know any stories /tetimonials to be convinced. Please , i dont want to tell people around me or they'll think im crazy. :(!! i just want to overcome my fear ! and possibly kick the devil out of my house.

PS: we had a 2 fathers from church come and performed an "Andeel" a few months ago. After it , i was so happy with the smell of my house :D. It was like at 11pm , when iw as sitting at my desk doing an assignment , i saw black smoke I MEAN BLACK , descend from the Ceilling!!!! right infront of me !this time i wasnt paralyzed or anything! ! ever since , the pressure decreeased a LITLE, but is that because of my lack of faith and my pscological feelings dominating my thought?

PSS: This happens to me when im alone in my house, btw its my first time in this house cause its my frist year in egypt and this appartment is mine . The history of the people living in this house was bad , that's what grandad told me when i asked him. THey were money lovers and theives....SO now , ive been living here for 10 months , and i slept in my house only like 9 times or something...and thats pathetic for me , an 18 year old...

please pray for me. :-[


  • Bring Abouna to you house to pray that special prayer(i forget it's name but he sprays water in your house).
  • romans 8:38-39
    NOTHING can separate us from the love of God.
    the demons can't hurt you. even the devil himself can't hurt you. no-one can take away your life, only God can, and He loves you.
    saint antony had many threats from demons, but they could never hurt him.
    if u want to read more, go here (scroll down a lot past all the notes till the start of the book):
    it is also available to buy in arabic, maybe someone in your church would have it.

    i, myself had experiences of evil spirits trying to make me scared on several occasions, but NOTHING BAD happened. each time, i prayed to God, confessed my sins and made the sign of the cross. then i decided to trust God and say 'may your will be done, even if it is hard for me' and i read the Bible and praised God's greatness.

    certainly you should tell your priest about this, and confess your sins. but i don't think you're being pathetic at all, i know it can be scary. demons try to scare people at all sorts of times. it's is not common for people to see physical things like you have, but that doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.

    i suggest you stay close to God, accept His love and grace, and show His love to all those around you. God will help you and remember, NO-ONE and NOTHING can take you from God. the only way you can go far from God is by your own choice (repeated sin and refusing to repent) so you are SAFE, even if you keep seeing bad things. the devil is the father of lies, so will try to tell you that you are in great danger. you are not in danger. remember it is very easy for God to do miracles, so He will look after you.

    may God give you strength as you grow and learn with Him, and may He deliver you from these attacks of the enemy.
    your sister in Jesus Christ  :)
  • WOW , thanks ....that really boosted my courage tonight is going to be a pivotal night for my self.
    THanks mabsoota for you inspiration!

  • Also, keep this in mind. Sometimes we don't really comprehend the power of the sign of the cross, but the devil can't bear to see it. Literally, it is unbearable for him. So try carrying a cross with you, and do a cross sign on yourself and on the spot where you see/hear these things.
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