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It was a great evening when i finished a presentation that i thought would be impossible to finish, and i didnt finish it in any style , but i finished it with quality. I was prasied by every one , but the thing is , what should i reply when some one tells you " Oh You Did SO wellllll!" , im left speechless, i just look down give a smile and thats it, is that ok or what. SOme people thought i was like not replying for soem other evil reason , boasting and ignoring etc...but i jsut want to show that im humble ! what should i say ? do?


  • I think you may not have the right view of humility. Humility is not bringing yourself down, but knowing your place. Humility is knowing you can't do anything of your own, and because of your sin you are below all of the creation. It isn't a matter of actions or not replying, but knowing that it is by God's grace that you did well. For example St. Moses the Strong in his humility, blamed himself and his sins when people would yell at him or kick him out of a meeting saying You deserve it you sinner. I remember in one of the writings of Pope Shenouda, he wrote about the false humility of "bringing ourselves down below those who are less than us." He wrote that the truly humble knows he is the worst person on this Earth, because of the multitude of his sins, and all good that he does comes from God. I myself am not the most humble person, but I know those who are, and there response to praise is usually just taking the praise, knowing that they are no good of their own.

    Also you'll find that almost all of the saints had true humility, and even though they were great people they knew that this was all by God's grace, and they themselves aren't worth even dust. Abouna Andrawes El-Sam2ouly used to say "ana maswash 3abet turab" which means I'm not worth a handful of dust. This same man had St. Mary appear to him, and St. Samuel used to appear to him and talk with him. My friend told me that one of his family members visited him, and Abouna Andrawes would look up and would be talking to angels and talking to God, and they'd have to tap him and say his name for a while before he'd respond to them, because he was so focused on this heavenly life and during this time his lips would move but no sound would come out. This same man would love to have people insult him and think badly of him because he knows that he deserves every evil thing people say about him, and because he knew there is a reward for it in heaven.
  • How about:  I thank God, and I thank you.
  • Lol at:

    i jsut want to show that im humble

    Humility is something that you have and not something you show or want to show. The best thing to do is just say "Thank you" and in your heart press the forward button to God. It's not a matter of showing humility, but understanding that you ought to be thanking God. Just don't dwell on the compliments or bring it up and remember to thank God

  • Thanks all for your effort , i shall say Thanks and forward it to God . very nice :)
  • I still congrats you as you made it.
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