Oil Spill... and God.

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  • We are surrounded by the miracles of God's grace every day, and most people, and even many Christians, are blind to them.

    People are not convinced by miracles, they become excited by them and demand more and more of them, just as the crowds around our Lord were happy to be fed, but unwilling to make any effort themselves.
  • Wow, atleast America isn't running away from religion for once.
  • thats a great point you brought up dimyan coptic! We should definetly pray about this. May I ask what really caused this oil spill to occur?

  • [quote author=marina008 link=topic=9393.msg115935#msg115935 date=1277419441]
    May I ask what really caused this oil spill to occur?

    Human pride,greed and error!
  • When I read your post and the article a few things came into mind, such as how this can be related to the old and possibly the new testament. It is related to the old testament because it sound fairly simular to Jonah's situation, in that every man on the boat -when Jonah was running away from God- was told to pray to their Gods that the storm may calm down and nothing happened but when Jonah submitted himself to the will of the true God, only then did the storm calm down and the sun began to shine. However this might also relate to the New testament in the end times. What a perfect moment for the man to come when the world is in dire confusion and need... of miracles... and a World leader. When everyone is praying to his or hers God or Gods, what a moment that the antichrist will take to fulfill their religeous prophices and deceive Christians or others from the true God of everyone. What a perfect moment for the Antichrist to set out his snares that he may deceive many. As more and more miracles of lies are performed more and more people are "excited" and deceived. Anyone has any other comments? Likes or dislikes about what I typed? Correct me please if I said something against the bible.
    Other than that God bless please pray for me.
  • It's funny, when President Obama spoke on national television, he called on people to seek out a higher being but never saying God specifically.

    He is such a wonderful and in-charge President. [this comment is a complete expression of sarcasm, in case no one picks up on it].
    He is the poster child for the Democratic Party symbol.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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