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Im sure that you guys all know that God alreay planned out our lives before he even created us. He knows what we are doing in every second of the day and he knows what is going to happen in our future.

My question now is, Why does God give us the choice to plan our lives? Does he know that we are going to pick the wrong choice since he planned out our future, or does he still let us in a way shape our future?


  • God does NOT plan our future, we have free will, we make our own decisions.
    God does, however, know what will happen in our future.. (but don't forget He is present in the past, present and future; God is TIMELESS !)

    So God gives us FREE WILL, our future depends on OUR choices !

  • but if God knows what will happen in our future, does not that mean he in a way plans it?

    Also, i understand that God gives us free will, so does that mean he knows when we will pick the wrong decision?

    i'm in college, and i keep about thinking about my future so that's why i'm asking all of these questions lol
  • No, it doesn't mean that he plans it.

    I'm not sure if this analogy is sound, but it's how I like to think of it. I like to think that my life, to God, is like a movie that He's already seen. Did you ever re-watch a movie ? You already know what's going to happen, but you watch anyway, hoping the persona's won't make the same mistake the second time... There's nothing you can do to change what they do, but in no way are you 'planning' their future, you simply know it. With God, it's a little different though.. He watches an interactive kind of movie where He CAN interfere IF we ask Him to. So God sits, watching us make wrong decision after wrong decision and just anticipating the moment that we ask for His help.

    Hope that helps ! Please let me know if you need more clarification.. This is one of these things that is hard to understand.. and this is just a helpul way of thinking of it.
  • ohh ok, now i get it.

    So God knows what is going to happen in our future. He just gives us the freedom to shape it.

    So when i do something, or something happens, i should stop saying "Ohh God wanted that to happen", since at the end, it was my choice to do it.
  • theologians have written whole books about this.
    basically the orthodox view (as i understand it) is God knows us well enough to know what will happen in the future but also He works with us, responding to our prayers and the prayers of others about our lives. it is not like some piece of machinery that He put in place at the creation and then sat back to see how will it worked. He is with us every day, even to the ends of the earth, and He is actively involved in caring for us every moment of our lives. so when we realise we mess up, we can turn to Him in prayer, and, because we are trusting in our Saviour Jesus Christ's death and glorious resurrection, God the Father sends us His Holy Spirit to chance our lives to conform to His will.

    phillipians 1:6 says 'He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it' so let us not get bogged down by complicated theology, let us leave this for those who God has given the ability to discuss these things without being concerned for the future or unsure of God's plan for them personally.

    if anyone is reading this and not sure they have believed in Jesus' death and resurrection, or not sure if they want to or need to believe in it, please communicate with us more. and may Almighty God who raised Jesus from the dead and gives eternal life to all who believe in Him, lift also your hearts and minds as you contemplate His great love for all the people He has made.
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  • i think that God knows every thing about u even what u dont know about urself but he also gave u a freedom to take his way and carry ur cross or the other way (the easier way to love the world) but i think he knows what u ganna choice and waht u ganna do in every condition
      Rremember me in ur prayer   
  • yes, i agree with what Hizz_chiilld said:
    about us all having free will and that we do make our own decisions.
    We do have the power to make our own decisions and it is up to us to ask God to guide us in making the best decisions for our life. 

  • God sees our lives and knows what will happen, but we are the ones that decide what happen.

    It is like a reading this post. You know what it says, but don't control what it says, because I chose to write it.

    Pray for me for I am sinner
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