During this blessed Holy Week, i gave up Facebook. I thought it would be an easy thing to do since i only had to give it up for a week. I then realized that i was very tempted to go on it and sadly, i did.

I then realized that after Holy Week, i would probably go to my natural state of going on Facebook 2 or 3 times a day. After Holy Week, I would like to limit my time going on that website. If i could, i want to delete my page all together, but first i would like to go on only once or twice a week.

Do you guys have any suggestions to how i should be less tempted to go on that website after Holy Week?

Your sister in Christ


  • when u feel like u wanna use facebook go read the faith book or go to any other website like this site is better than facebook and u can do the same here as facebook just in a different way  :-\ :-\

    remember me in ur prayer
  • I gave up facebook begning of the lent, and i was TEMPTED! but i relized I gave up facebook but i didnt replace it with something useful! So instead of ffacebook read a holy book, learn a hymn, brush up on your bible reading.
  • thats what i`m talking about and it really works!!!
  • Thank you guys! Your comments really encouraged me to try to use facebook less or stop using it at all. And i agree, this wesite is better and instead of facebook, it helps you with everyday problems and guides your spiritually.
  • just say that "me and God "and u ganna be able to do that
  • u need to just delete it and be hard on yourself..be strong
  • ok thank you. And yes i need to be strong especially since i am in college and i waste a lot of time on it lol
  • yea just delete it!!! thats what i did and i have replaced all of the time wasted on the computer with watching saints movies
    you will not regret deleting it as long as you are willing to not be "cool" and social... especially during Holy Week

    rabena mawgood
  • believe me, i dont care about being cool lol. And yea i will delete it after Holy Week. And if not delete it, i will deactivate it for a while. I just felt as a faker since i know myself. After Holy Week ill go back to going on constantly. And i will try watching saint movies instead. Thanks  :)
  • Facebook is a waste of time and dangerous in too many regards.  That's why it is so popular. 
  • http://www.loveyou-jesus.com/site/online-mov/index.html

    There is a site with a bunch of saint movies.... hope u can read arabic :D
  • thank you guys! and yes i agree it could be dangerous in some degree. I realized that this website is so much better. God bless this website!
    ;D ;D ;D ;D
  • [quote author=abanoub2000 link=topic=9039.msg112614#msg112614 date=1269980721]

    There is a site with a bunch of saint movies.... hope u can read arabic :D

    this website is awesome thanks
  • And this website has soooooo many saints movies too :)  http://copticsol.tripod.com/cinema.html
  • thanks
      remember me in your prayer 
  • How do you delete facebook? I want to delete it! (Please correct me if I am wrong) I do disagree with "facebook", but the whole point of fasting is to come closer in the relationship with Jesus Christ our God and Saviour within our hearts, souls, and mind. That being typed, please can you talk to your Father Of Confession, because suddenly stopping "facebook" can be really hazardous especially since the devil might use it (as a false: holy, pleasent, or peaceful objectives which will lead you away from God, instead of returning to God, or coming closer to God) as a trap. Abouna might give exerises first such as prayer -which, when the heart is contrite and broken (know that with out God you are nothing, and that through God all is possible) is more powerful than serving God with no relationship with Him. God Bless everyone.

    Please pray for me.
  • Actually, facebook is not that bad but its wasting time and there`re a lot of abounas have facebook so!! i`m telling u dont delete it, just stop using it that much and i used to be on facebook 24/7 lol but now i`m like opening it once or twice a week or even a month  but its up to u
                  remember me in ur prayer
  • Facebook is not bad, it's good as long as you us it in the good way. But you are right that it can wasting a lot of time  :-\
    If you know from yourself you will be tempted by bad things on facebook, then I think it will be better indeed, to delete it...
    Question: is chatting to other copts on facebook bad? Also if you are only brothers?

    And I want to add something, facebook can also be very good, for example: sharing nice spiritual songs on it (that's what I do), verses, and other spiritual things. I discoverd really a lot of nice things and spiritual songs on it, including taraneem from Ehab Sobhy (!), the actor who plays Abouna Yostos in the saint film.  :)

  • in the words of Abouna Yostos el Antony: "el sa3a kam dlwa2ty?" (What time is it now?), Abouna Yostos use to say that all the time, but he didnt mean to ask for the time literally, he was constantly waiting for his time to be with God!!! Dont waste your time on facebook, even if abounas have a facebook they dont use it as much as we do, so just delete it! its better that way trust me!
    on facebook you will end up judging people for no reason, which will take you away from God.  u know whenever u look at someones picture "oh he doesnt look good in that picture" or "why would they default that picture?, it looks horrible!", u know what i mean? we all do it, but its easy to avoid being judgmental, at least on facebook.
    just deactivate your account and if your friends ask you why u deleted it, tell them its a waste of time and it was not bringing me closer to God.
    Remember what St. Paul said: "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify." 1 Cor 10:23
    we can argue all day that facebook is not "bad", but it also wont help us be with God either! It wont create a clean heart in us! It may be ok to use but its not helpful for our salvation.

    please pray for me and my weakness
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