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  • Awesome work my brother! I enjoyed the "Oranges" post.

    Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord!
  • Very nice. God bless your work!
  • I only glanced at the article on wine.  Our Lord ate at Sader/Passover meals.  The meal uses wine.  He chose wine to be portion to become His Blood.

    Wine is not the issue.  It is a Gift from God.  It is medicinal and should be treated with great respect.  Any abuse makes it no different than distilled alcohols.  I myself am not a drinker.  I despise alcohol, but I do not follow your deduction.  It is not substantiated.  Our teacher, St. Paul ascribes in his epistles:  " a little wine settles the stomach".

    Our Lord drank from wine.  It was fermented, or you cannot call it wine.

  • Hey "iloveStmark"

    Thanks for checking out my website.

    However i disagree with the idea that you think Jesus made fermented wine for the following.

    1. If He did make fermented wine, and drank then he would of broken his Nazarene vow which meant he wouldve sinned, and that initself is a very big call that is unjustified and illogical.

    2. Further the greek word used in this passage is "oinos" which can mean both fermented and unfermented  wine.

    3. Is it right for us to say that Jesus could possibly make wine which has the potential to cause people to sin, and if we take your line of argument these people were "well drunk" as the Gospel Says?

    Let us not confuse the medicinal wine in scripture with that of the Wedding, because to accuse or even suggest that Jesus made fermented wine is extremely unhelpful and fraught with much danger and takes away much from the person of Christ.

    God Bless
  • How can you have wine without fermented alcohol?  It would be called:  grape juice.

    Our Lord factually picked wine for it to become His Blood.

    Drinking a glass of wine does not get you drunk.  Drinking a jug or a bottle does.

    Eating one pastry is fine, eating 10 gets you sick.

    Distilled liquers have only one alter one's existence and mind.  Distilled alcohol is not the same thing as wine.
    The process of distillation is to create a strong concoction for getting an altered mindset--a sinful endeavor and purpose.

    Wine is not a sin when used within the gift boundaries that was prescribed by God. 

    Melchizedek, the High Priest, presented a sacrifice of bread and wine.  Our Lord is ascribed to be from the Order of Melchizedek.
  • I don't think that our Lord was a Nazirite. He was from Nazareth, which is different. To be from Nazareth does not make a person a Nazirite. It doesn't mean that. When the vow of the Nazirite was implemented in Numbers there was no such place as Nazareth.

    The fact that he was not a Nazirite can be seen from the fact that he was often around people who drank wine - and so his enemies called him a wine-bibber.

    And also because a Nazirite was never, ever allowed to be in the presence of a dead body, yet our Lord often touched dead bodies and coffins.

    Father Peter
  • Hey Fr Peter

    In Mat 2:23  And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, "He shall be called a Nazarene."

    Who were these prophets and what where they referring to?

    Further what did they mean that he would be a Nazarene?

    God bless

    Ps i think he just didnt touch coffins, he raised them from the dead as well!

  • great effort champ :) God bless ya always ;)
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