God and the Atom

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Ok so my friend at school doesn't like to be called "atheist" but he doesn't believe in any god he believes in science he says. So anyways, at school i always put a cross at the top of any paper i get, so he asks me, "Why do you put a plus sign on the top of every paper" I explained that it was a cross and he told me that God doesn't exist because WHERE DID HE COME FROM, so i told him He has no beginning no end, he told me SAME THING WITH THE ATOM no beginning no end, after that he changed the subject, but i wanted to know how could i answer this. i am in no position to defend my faith. I am 13 years old and i am not of the level of the Fathers of the Church



  • There seems to be scientific consensus concerning the big bang, and therefore the universe actually DOES have a beginning. There must be a cause that brought time and matter into existince. We believe this cause is God.
    Your friend can't make random statements like "atoms have no beginning or end" without giving some arguments to back up such a bold statement. Ask him what makes him believe this.
    We have a good reason to believe God has no beginning or end, because he is ABOVE time and space. He's the one who created it, so surely he can be above time and therefore God is Eternal. On the contrary an atom is matter, it is something that exists within time and space. Therefore it can't be above time.
  • Hos Erof gave a very good explanation in regards to the atom. 
    You can also ask him how could the organs in the human body work together to give the body a perfect balance?  How can the body fight certain infections using its built-in immunity?  How can the human blood (which is set at a specific pH, a measurement of its acidity which you'll study later on) resist a change in its pH (called a buffer) up to a certain level?  There must be a higher intelligence, rather than chance, that designed this system in such a way to maintain itself. 

    There are many things that you can argue with an athiest person and it is up to them to listen or not.

    Just pray that God gives you the wisdom and knowledge to defend your faith.
  • What proves that an atom is eternal?! Which atom exactly?!

    God is One and is unique. He does not change. He is unlimited, i.e. above time, matter and space. He created time, space and matter (that is all the atoms). Thus these have a beginning and have an end. God is before them and will still be after them.

    There are numerous uncountable atoms and they all continuously change, many are unstable and die to change into a totally different more stable element (some last for only fractions of seconds). Within molecules atoms are in constant vibration and their electrons move even from one atom to the next, also molecules vibrate within their intermolecular spaces, this is one type of continuous fast change. Furthermore any matter (again, all made of atoms) do cycle from physical state to another, may undergo chemical changes and even die by turning into released energy.

    E=mc^2 alright?

    All atoms cannot but obey the laws of nuclear physics the Creator had designed and implemented during their creation.

    Only the Almighty One Who does not change and IS eternally constant can decide and implement the fine tuning constants that govern the state of equilibrium within the universe He created.. recently more and more fine tuning constants were discovered and proven.

    Can any atom decide to behave otherwise or try to oppose His laws?
    A smarter atom perhaps! Glory be to the LORD for ever.

  • Thanks for the great answers
  • btw well done for putting a cross on your paper, a great way to start talking about God
  • Some atoms are synthesized, such as Einsteinium.  One of my favorite atoms.  Atoms are not eternal.

    Only God the Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, is Eternal.

    Atheist are just sour people who are:  arrogant, naive, or trying to displace their own failures, or the wrongdoings on Him.
  • I agree
    I am praying so that God may show him the truth

    but seriously guys, i don't think i have ever heard better answers
    thanks so much guys
    may God bless you
  • Even if their mind tries denying God, their soul knows where it comes from.  There is always an internal strife, regardless of whether they (atheists) wish to admit it.

    I think it is kind of amusing to talk to them.
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