did you guys here of the virgin mary apperatin in warraq egypt?

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it arose acouple of days ago


  • yeah, it was awesome.

    I forget where but they have a video online.

    Just google it. It was amazing, her with her blue gown and everything

  • I was in egypt a couple days ago, we just visited as a christmas vacation,
    we rented a condo right in front of St. Mary's Church in Warraq,
    I was blessed to be the only one in my family to see the blessed virgin appearing in full form on top of the church on january 2nd , 2010 at about 10:30 pm cairo time. this was way passed the begining date of the apparition and no one was there at the church ! :)
  • She appeared several times night till early mornings and all around egypt. Remember us infront of the Lord Theotokos

    what a great blesssing it is for St. Virgin mary's appearance.

  • ya and after that she also appeared in another church in Egypt (St. George or something...my aunt called to tell us). And besides that, some people even saw her appear in the sky several times! Praise God, He is so amazing!

    I heard she also appeared in the church of Nag Hammadi (where the shootings occurred Christmas Eve) but she was crying.
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