Kiahk Powerpoint

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This powerpoint is for Saturday night tasbeha. i just wanted to post it in case anyone wanted some text for any hymns of it.

The file 'Kiahk 2009.ppt' (1.5 MB) is available for download at 2009.ppt
for the next 7 days.
It will be removed after Friday, January  8, 2010.


  • [coptic]]sep`hmot `ntotk emasw pilobie;beP=,=c
    nofri rompi `mberi
    oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
  • Thank you and Happy Nativity Feast!

    Note: It has a font size problem on some slides using PP 2003. I'll try it with the PP 2007 player. Thanks again.

  • this is great, i want to have a printout of tasbeha as i finally moved house to somewhere where i can go to tasbeha. i don't think the church has any tasbeha books, so i want to get the words from here. however, the coptic fonts didn't come out properly on my powerpoint.
    i have coptic fonts on internet explorer but not on powerpoint, it seems.

    maybe there is a printout of tasbeha for kiakh somewhere on this site which would be better for me? (i don't actually need it on powerpoint)
    can anyone help?
    thanks, God bless u
  • Here is a Pdf of the kiahk psalmody

    The file 'Kiahk_Psalmody_2008_final.pdf' (2.8 MB) is available for download at
    for the next 7 days.
    It will be removed after Sunday, January 10, 2010.

    and on powerpoint 2007 it says i dont have coptic fonts i dont know why
  • I have Office 2003 and I can't see the coptic. I have coptic fonts downloaded unto my computer. Does anyone know what font I need to view this particular presentation? Thanks.
  • the next time i go back to my church that put together the powerpoint i will find out and notify you guys
  • The church that made this or whoever because i don't want to blame the church did something very wrong and illegal and should fix it I'm not from bergen church but as a Christian i feel that its wrong to take their presentation and add color and or a couple of lines and attribute it to yourselves while their name is still on the presentation anyway.  I would suggest deleting this before anyone else finds out or gets offended and just download theres from their website  i am sorry to be so blunt nut its the truth i have sinned forgive me. 

    Pray for me
  • I found a solution to the coptic fonts not working

    Here is the summary and solution to the problem
  • you totally ignored my post?????? ???

  • no i didnt mean to. how it is illegal?  ???
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