Virgin Mary Apparition



  • Virgin Mary appeared again in all of Egypt(of what I understood) today-Dec. 22,2009

    May her blessings be with us
  • Dear John,

    I am distressed that you might think me offended by anything you have written. Far from it.

    I am certain of the comforting visitations of the Virgin, and the eye-witness testimony is enough for me. I might wish for better video for other believers who are not Orthodox, but I don't think complete sceptics would be moved in ny case.

    The Lord bless you all

    Father Peter
  • I heard she is appearing again nowl! In a different place this time...does anyone happen to have footage? I want to go to Egypt right now...this is such a blessing!
  • There is a figure visible...

    The top portion looks like a halo/crown which shines in gold.

    Then you can make out a blue dress like this and the middle shines white.

    I also noticed in the video how the figure looked like (she) was bowing her head.
  • Guys,
    I heard the Virgin Mary appeared again in zeitoun today. Some relatives told me that they went and saw her.
  • I heard she was appearing throughout all of Cairo yesterday, in Old Cairo and even in Upper Egypt. Some people went up to the roof of their apartment buildings and could see her.... I think this is the biggest apparition thats happened yet. It's amazing that she travels from church to church and appears in so many different places in a matter of a few hours. Like I said, I dont think this has ever happened before.

  • Thank you Father Peter for your kind reply.

    Here is a clip I found of HH the Pope Shenouda speaking last Wednesday about the Waraq church apparition report that recently reached him. He was clear that he will confirm the report.

    Notice he spoke about the miracle of moving the Mokatam mountain (east of Cairo citadel).
    This mention was removed from the next clip (was on TV) but the clip contains a TV report of other apparitions also above other churches in Cairo.
    Local TVs are usually very cautious or deny it or try to find some 'reasonable' cause or convey expressions of discomfort.

    Susy, sodr2, PaNo5 and PopeKyrillos are right! Many friends and relatives told me there were recent apparitions or heavenly lights etc. in Old Cairo e.g., the Moualaka church and Heliopolis e.g., Mar Guirgis church.


    Download the latest weekly lecture by H.H.Pope Shenouda III
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  • god bless you brother
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