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were suppose to start fasting at 12 am but we take communion around 11 15 am to 11 30 am isent it suppose to be only 9 hours which would make it 2 am


  • hmmmmmmmmmm....
  • I asked abouna about this a while ago and he said that the 9 hours are a minimum. For example, when you have to take communion at night. Otherwise, we should fast starting at midnight if we are about to take commuion in the morning. Our church has the 11-11:30 communion too, but we still hold the midnight rule.
  • Along with what omelnour said, the reason we fast from midnight and not subtract 9 hours before a night liturgy (usually during the great lent or the ninevites' fast) is because Christ should be the first thing we receive into our bodies in any given day. As soon as the new day starts at midnight, we shouldn't eat until we have Communion regardless of when the liturgy is prayed. So, it wouldn't be right if we eat in the morning, count 9 hours after that, then have Communion. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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  • I've heard before that it was nine hours, or midnight, whicheer was longer. the point is that you are waiting anxiously to worthily receive the body of Christ. In doing so you show tht you look forward to it.
  • i think you can start fasting from 9 hours before, especially if you are on a night shift and so not going to bed before communion.
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