H.G. Anba Youannes

hello everyone,

i've been hearing things about  Anba Youannes and  st Mary appearing to him. Is this a rumor?

Thanxs GBU


  • have not heard. maybe he wouldn't want everyone to know about it if it had.
  • I think it's a rumour because:

    1. Egyptian newspapers were writing about it and I am sure if something of this sort happened, Anba Yoannis would discuss it with his father of confession not news reporters and journalists.

    2. The things that were written are just ridiculous
  • Actually this was all true, because after what happened Pope Shenouda removed him from his position as General Secretary for H. H. Pope Shenouda. What happened was that St. Mary appeared to Anba Yoaness and told him that he would be ordained Pope after H.H. dies. Becasue of the action that Pope Shenouda took against the whole matter, the Egyptian media got word, and published it in newspapers and online.

    Pray for me,
  • [quote author=abosefien link=topic=8393.msg106930#msg106930 date=1255812104]
    Actually this was all true, because after what happened Pope Shenouda removed him from his position as General Secretary for H. H. Pope Shenouda.

    can you please post a source that confirms this and not just words that are heard?

    YOU DONT!!!!!!

    and if what you said is true, you still did not consider the point that I mentioned above... HOW WOULD ALL THE NEWS REPORTERS AND JOURNALISTS FIND OUT ABOUT THIS ?? ?? ?? ??

    and to clarify he is still part of H.H.'s secretary team, he is just not the top secretary as he used to be.
  • Well....i just confirmed.....the POPE HIMSELF said in the meeting in Alexandria, "Anba Youannis Habibi....if there is anything happening, you need to hear from the CHURCH and not anyone else."

    So i guess it's self-explanatory!!!!  ::) ::) ::) ::) 8)
  • thanxs for all ur posts, but i also would like to see a source that confirms this.

  • Why? What good is coming from knowing such things?
    Knowing good or bad things about someone is pointless. If someone does something good, his heart can still be corrupted. And hearing about bad things is pointless, whether fact or not - No matter what, only God knows the heart.

    Let this discussion pass...
    No offense to anyone :)
  • Why would HH Pope Shenouda remove HG Bishop Youannes as General Secretary after hearing that St. Mary appeared to him?
  • I would like us to leave this topic for the reasons that have been given. We do not need to spend time enquiring about something which is private between HH Pope Shenouda and HG Youannis. It is just a matter of curiosity for us and should be avoided. Rather let us pray for all our bishops that they might be preserved in holiness and truth.

    God bless

    Father Peter
  • St. Mary and Angels, as well as the Lord Himself, appearing to people is very common in Ethiopia. A relative of my baptizm mother has already seen Mary many times, and has told her a message to tell many people, and the woman is teaching now (not in a "preacher" manner but in a "messanger" way)

    that is just my closest experience, But Many Christian households know of atleast one person in their family that has gotten the chance to talk with St. Mary or other Saints; but especially- St. Mary. It is not something published in newsletters. It is only published in news letters if it has some other story together with it (such as building a new church). For example, recently, Mary appeared to couple of people (living in very different areas not knowing each other) to come together and build a church in Her name near Addis Ababa. She gave them a sign on the day of Epiphany by not letting the Ark of the Covenant move from the tabrenacle. The priests were completely unable to move it. About hundred people, including 38 protestants, experienced exorcism on that day with out the interference of any priest; and doves and bees gave a sign to where the Church was to be built; so, the Ark stayed there- in the tent for two months, after which the people who were given the instruction formerly came to build the church. the construction ended with in a very short peoriod of time and doves were all over the place when the first liturgy took place. This was one of the "luckiest" story to be published on the Churche's newspaper, because there are too many other similar stories taking place everywhere everyday, but they are not put on News Papers. The word just simply spreads!

    Oh.. that was just to share experience.

    But, yes not good to wonder much about whether a person really saw someone from "up there" or not because the fruit of the virtue matters more than revelations.

  • Pope Shenounda himself commented on this during one of his bible studies, it was a rumor that got out of hand, and it was a total fabrication.  To me the story is very iffy in itself !
  • Wisely said Sheba: “the fruit of the virtue matters more than revelations”. It reminds me of Luke 10:20: “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
    In Christ
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