Is inhaling the censor second hand smoking?

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Just wondering  ;D


  • +Pope Kyrillos used to conduct the mass every day and conduct the Asheya every evening, did he have any problems with his lungs????? NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (As Abounasarecool said)..
    so therefore it isnt second hand relax... :) :D
  • theres no nicotine
  • no, because there is no tobacco
  • according to this site it is...
    for those not bothered reading the whole thing i have made highlights

    Regular inhalation of incense smoke could increase the risk of a variety of respiratory cancers, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, and published in the journal Cancer.

    No correlation was found between incense use and the risk of lung (lower respiratory) cancer. The correlations between upper respiratory cancers or squamous cell carcinoma and incense use held strong, however, even after the researchers adjusted for other risk factors such as smoking, diet and alcohol consumption.

    Prior studies have indicated that when burned, incense gives off some substances that are known to be carcinogenic, including benzene and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. The researchers said that further investigations might determine whether certain types of incense are more likely than others to increase the risk of cancer.

    maybe the one we use at church is good? As ilovejesus said, Pope Kyrillos used to pray a mass a day. But also, as the study said, their scientific method doesn't reflect Pope Kyrillos's case as they concluded that 

    researchers found that people with heavier incense use were significantly more likely to develop an upper respiratory cancer, such as of the nose, mouth or throat.

    so unless you are continuously burning incense all day, you should be fine
  • wow, thats alot of great info, but now im kinda scared of going to church haha
  • Don't be scared- isn't the raising of incense a command by God as to how we are supposed to worship? It is a holy thing that carries our prayers up to God so I seriously doubt it would cause you any harm.
  • Well I like the smell, so I don't really care...

    And for those of you who are bored:
  • There are times when the incense smoke has been so thick that I have been unable to see across the altar, and my eyes have been streaming. That is probably not good and not healthy.

    But generally if the incense is enough to make some smoke but not enough to choke people, and in a large and airy space, I do not believe there are any health implications. Probably no more than living in an urban environment with lots of traffic.

    And I would guess, if asked, that it is altar deacons and priests who would suffer most in any case. Not the faithful or choir deacons.

    At the Coptic Orthodox liturgy I attended this past weekend in Bromley there were not clouds of incense such as would cause any health concerns at all.

    Father Peter
  • I think that it has it's side effects to the point where oxygen becomes limited. My father passed out one liturgy because there was so much inscence in the air.
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